Learner Profile #2: Risk Taker

I believe that I possess the characteristics trait of being a risk taker as I have pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone with courage and forethought. Ever since I was little, the thing that frightened me more than anything else was to perform or talk in front of people alone. However, as I grew up I learned that in order to be more successful in school and in life, I must overcome my fear of performing and public speaking. It took me a lot of courage to step out of this comfort zone but I have proofed to myself that I am capable of doing this through joining the Voice of CDNIS where I performed solo (Evidence 1). I have also signed myself up for the election of USSC where applicants were required to talk in front of the whole upper school (Evidence 2).

Evidence 1: Voice of CDNIS performance 

Click here 

Evidence 2: Transcript of the speech I delivered for USSC election

Raven House Captain Speech

Good Morning everyone. For those who don’t know me, My name is Natasha I have been in Raven house for 4 years now.  I have participated in school events in every single field: academic, sport, art, music and social representation. I know very well that becoming a house captain would require every one of experience that I could squeeze out of these events. In other words, I will be no stranger or beginner in any challenge that you would put me to. That means, that I am capable of this job.

Members of the raven house, I am not THE type of person who walks into the room and everyone would automatically stare at me. I’m definitely not the nicest, friendly or considerate person in this room; nor will I ever be. But what I lack, I make up with reliability and loyalty. I will stand up for the members of this house. I will give you nothing less than my very best effort. I will make sure every single one of you enjoy being part of this house. I want you all to have a fun year.

Vote Natasha, for Raven House captain.