Waste Not, want Not III

Participation: My participation was great because I was always self-motivated and on-task. I was concentrating on my task most of the time although I got distracted by people around me. I contributed the most during group work and I constantly ask questions from my peers and teachers.  (6/8)

Collaboration/Communication: My collaboration with teachers and group mates were great as we discussed together and contributed many great ideas on how to make a perfect package for the apple, we listened to one’s opinion, combined all of our different ideas and divided our job equally. I thought we could have communicate more in order to complete tasks on time. (see link to photo) (5/8)

Effort: The effort I put into my work today was satisfactory as I have spent a lot of time completing most of the requirements (see blog 1 and 2) (6)

Time management: My time management was satisfactory as I didn’t manage to finish all the tasks yet. (5) I need to make sure I spend my time wisely on every task instead of using all the time I had on one small task.

Waste Not, Want Not II

I made a 3D model based on the apple basket in the previous post using a software called Sketchup. We have learnt how to make 3D models with an accurate length and height. It also provided how big the object is comparing to a human.  I was confused and frustrated when we first learnt how to make a 3d model with this application because I kept deleting stuff by accident and I had to remake them. After playing around with this application, I found it really efficient using this application than drawing the net of a 3D object, measuring it and cutting it out. I have improve our design by adding a hole on one of the sides so it looks more attractive.
Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.10.24 pm

How can our understanding of geometry helps to reduce our carbon footprint?
The understanding of geometry helps to save the environment. For instance, if you were to put an object which is round for example an orange in a container, you might want to put it into a  sphere since it fits perfectly and it’s a better use of space rather than putting it into a cylinder. Besides from that, it is also a better use of paper because it takes less paper to make a sphere than a cylinder. If we understand the creation of 3d models, we could choose containers for objects wisely and save the environment.

Waste Not, Want Not

Today we were assigned to make a package for an apple. Picture shown below
The reason why we made our apple basket this way is because the handle make it easy to hold. As you can see, the flap on top makes it easy to open and it could be secure at the same time. It is somehow attractive because we add a little bit of brown to the cover so it looks like the color of an apple skin but not environmental friendly because we used a lot of tape to make the container more protective and durable. We don’t want to make the container to big, there is just enough space for one apple to fit in.

Percentage Unit Reflection

Why doesn’t 20% discount followed by a 20% markup get you back to where you started?
After you make a 20 percent discount, that amount is being marked up by 20 percent, so it is impossible for you to get back where you started. For example, there is a 20 percent of from 100, that will be 100x(1-20%)= 80, and then 80 is marked up by 20 percent, not 100 therefore,20% discount followed by a 20% markup won’t get you back to where you started.

How do companies make a profit?
Companies make profits by selling the product by increasing the cost. Some of the companies increases their profit by doing promotions and giving out coupons which can attract many customers but is totally useless.

Is it possible for everyone to win in the marketplace?
It is not possible for everyone to win in the marketplace because things are inflating. The cost(employees, materials for the product) cost more and more every year and then you’ll have to sell the product in a high cost that customers might think that its not worth buying it. But if they lower the price of the product, the company couldn’t make profit and there might be a bankruptcy.

Mathematics Assessment

After the Managing mark-up assessment, I have learnt how the company sells the product that could earn the biggest amount of money, for example giving out useless coupons(buy $5 off good for any purchase over 50 dollars or more) that would trick the customers into buying more of its product. From then the company could increase its profit.I have also learnt how the company would have a contingency planning and therefore, I have now become a more educated investor. I now know how to buy things with the lowest cost and I won’t get ripped off by companies. I now know how to choose a bank that would let us earn more in a short period. I would put a big amount of money from the very beginning so as that when I grow up, I could get the money out for university use. before I did this math assessment, I didn’t know much on how to find the profit that a company can earn, making tables and let excel do the math for me.After the assessment, I only need to enter the datas and can easily ask excel to do all the calculations. I started to get familiar on calculating the profit that the company earn with the formulas, gather the information and make a graph and compare it with the other.

Grade 7 Algebra Assessment Reflection

Compare your assessment to your pre-assessment. What new concepts did you learn? Provide examples to help you explain.
During this unit, I have learnt solving equation with different variables. For example combining like terms, which is to combine the two or more same structure variables into one.
What concepts did you find confusing in this unit? How did you study for them?
I still can’t figure it out how to use pythagoras theorem when doing a equation. I would try to do more exercises about pythagoras theorem and ask teacher’s or parents help when in need.

Curvy parallelograms assessment

I generally use appropriate mathematical language in both oral and written communications in familiar situation. I communicate a mathematical line of reasoning in solving simple problems. I would try to improve when communicating my mathematical thinking by using more different forms of representation and do more these type of questions at home.

Unit 2-Rational number assessment

I am able to multiply,subtract,add,divide rational numbers correctly and I am good at using the number line.I still need to work on modelling fractions.I somehow still don’t understand how it work.I would try to do more these kinds of exercises and ask my parents or teacher if I have any questions.I won’t ask if I got questions,I would try to figure it out by myself.I would like to try to review what have learn every day right away after class so if I have any question I could ask my parents or teacher the next day.

Reflections on Criteria B and C-Fraction with terminating and non-terminating Decimal Representations summative asessment

In criteria B and C,I did well on showing a good understanding of the patterns between terminating and non-terminating.I also attempted to recognise simple patterns and have written these patterns using words in my conjecture.I have used charts and tables in my work.I have also used good mathematical language in most of my investigation.
However,my work is hard to follow and I have only used basic language and have represent some work clearly.I would like to write it more detail and try to use more mathematical language.

Integers Quiz Reflections

I did well on the calculations  and applying basic rules correctly to solve problems in both familiar and some unfamiliar situations,including those in a variety of real-life contexts.

However,I still need to work on using more mathematical concepts and skills.

I would rank myself in term of participation in class and collaboration with my group 7 out of 10

I have learnt to think before writing anything and I would read the questions more carefully.