Design Documentary: Tin Hau Temple

Reflection from our documentery:
We have received a lot of feedbacks and most of them told us what to improve on. Most of the people think that we put a lot of information in it and explain the history of this temple in a detail way. People also like where we filmed the interior of the temple and then voice-overed it. However, we still need to working on the filming part because the camera was quite sharky and the sound because the audience couldn’t tell what the interviewee is talking since the background noise was too loud. I would hold a microphone to the interviewee if we had chance to go to Tin Hau Temple or putting subtitles into the movie. I would stick the tripod with the camera onto the skateboard so that I could film people walking without shaking.

I like how we had written the script in a dramatic way where the audience can enjoy it while learning the history of Tin Hau Temple. I also like my choice of the background music because there is a chinese feel, it is relaxing not that noisy and really suitable for our topic a lot.I wish I could have speak louder when interviewing the temple keeper and recorded what he had said. What if we could put subtitles to the part where I interview the temple keeper? What if we add pictures?

Reflections on Mapping your own country

I understand how to use scales,creating and completing a legend and labelling the orientation and the information and ideas are often clearly communicated on the map.I didn’t do as well as I could have this time,I could have use some better aesthetics(i.e. colours)which would make map clearer,especially with boarder.I would like to make a draft first to do better for the next assignment.