French reflection for the end of the year

From the start of the year, I know nothing about french, I don’t even know how to write a simple sentence in french. throughout this year, I have learnt a lot about french. I get to know the culture and the structure of france. I can now understand a little bit of people taking french on streets. I have learnt how to say simple sentences when I go to clinics, restaurants or stores. I work really hard in french out of class time, sometimes during weekend I studied a lot for french. I would work harder next year by reading simple books in french and pay more attention during class.

French Reflection

I put a lot of effort in french because sometimes I can’t catch up, some of my classmates are really good at french, they know a lot of vocabularies. I revise french four times a week and I go to tutorial classes.I like the way Mme Norbert teaches us. Instead of making us do worksheets and the reading all the time, she plays games with us, teaches us in a fun way and make us love french. I don’t like the reading in french class because its boring. I would like to improve my pronunciation in French and participate more in French lesson by answering questions.