Drama rounding off the year

What is drama?

a composition in prose or verse presenting in dialogue  or mime a story including conflicts or different characters, particularly one planned to be followed up on the stage; a play.

What skills you need to apply in every lesson

There are a few skills that you need to apply in every drama lesson, participation, organisation, risk taker, positive thinking. These skills will make sure that your drama experience is the best it can possibly be.

What did I learn about yourself

I have learnt to conquer my fears instead of running away from problems. I am never a confident person, I seldom speak because I was scared of people noticing my accents or bad grammar. Therefore, in the melodrama unit, when I had to play a character which I am not good at, I tend to hesitate and forget lines or am aware of the way people look at me. However as this drama course often require us to express our feelings and thoughts through a character or in person, I have forgotten my fears and therefore conquering it.

What did I learn about theatre?

Throughout the grade 8 drama course, I have learnt a lot more about the theatre especially techniques used in melodrama. We have also used some of the techniques taught in grade 7 and added on to it. All of those techniques helps to interact with the audience, for example stage combat, double-takes and foot-stepping is a way to relieve comedy. Thought tracking, freeze montage, cross cutting, gesture sequencing, soundscape and corral speaking etc helps the audience for a better understanding of the characters, the setting and the theme of the story.

The way of performing can cause a lot of different reaction to the audience. A good performance or play must include TEAM  which stands for tension, emotion, atmosphere and meaning. To do so, the way actors act contributes a lot to the play itself. In terms of the way of performing, in this drama course, we  have learnt to project myself on the stage or to the audience. When performing, always be confident of what you did, speak up and look at the audience. People tend to look at the ground when speaking which people might not be able to hear what the actors are saying. Body movements, gestures, facial expressions and levels helps to improve the way of performing and drawing the audience’s attention. The 4Ps (Power, pitch, pace, and pause) are also very important when performing especially when delivering a line. For example, when acting as a hero in melodrama, they tend to stand straight, head up looking through the audiences, hands putting aside and they walk with big steps. When speaking, hero tend to speak with a deep and loud voice.

What are your big takeaways from Grade 8 Drama and how will it help you in the future?

My big takeaways are the techniques and the way of performance as I have mentioned on fifth and sixth slides. These techniques further my study of drama and it can be very useful in the future for example in grade 9 as I am taking drama next year. In the melodrama unit, I have learnt to exaggerate my movements, to focus, to speak clearly and to be in character all times. This helps a lot in the future as sometimes, we often need to deliver speeches, do presentation or debate in front of class. I always failed to conquer my fear which is to speak in front of people without getting nervous, or at least act confident. Speaking in public is like acting, most of the people including me often find it scary as eyes are staring at you or feeling like people are whispering behind you. After this drama course, I am able to talk in front of crowds acting confident and to speak clearly and loudly. 

What did you learn about how to be a better performer?

To be a better performance, I must first conquer my fears like getting nervous talking in front of crowds, mumbling words or looking at the floor when speaking as I am too nervous. Besides, being a better performance always require practice and asking for feedbacks to improve.

Drama Reflection

Before Drama Started…
I was so excited because I had drama before in my old school and I am felt really confident of it. But yet I felt worried at the same time because I was still not used to speak English since I was from local school and I used to speak Cantonese. So I was really afraid that I am going to say something wrong or embarrasss myself in front of the whole class. I was ready for drama class and hoped I could project myself and be what I used to be (happy and no worries!).

What I leant…
Time flies like an arrow,it is now almost the end of the year. Throughout this year, I have learnt different skills and techniques which some of them I hadn’t learnt before. I have learnt that we need 4P’s which is power, pause, pace and pitch in order to project our voice. I found out that power is the most powerful skills among all because from the voice, the audiences could tell the characteristics of the character. For example, when acting as Julius Caesar, since he was the leader of Rome, the actor should be full of confidence and a little bit proud. He should speak loud and clear. when acting the soothsayer who is a fortune teller and people thought he was a bit crazy, he should speaks in a tone which sounded a little bit creepy and scary. The other technique I have learnt was soundscape, I found it very useful too. Actually you can’t say we learnt it in drama class because we used to make noises using our mouths when we were a little chid, like pretending a little puppy or kitten or even a wolf yelling. I like soundscapes because it make the audiences feel the atmosphere atmosphere and make them feel like they were in that place where the actors where trying to describe it to you.

Best Mermory:)
If you were to ask me the best memory during drama classes, I am going to say that was during the performances. That was the only time I feel confident of myself talking or acting in front of people because I feel like I am well prepared, I know what to say or do. The audiences were focusing on you and were watching your performances. That’s is the only time I could be free and act in my way without people judging me. I really enjoy acting in front of audiences because when I was little, I used to like acting in front of others. However, no one watched my performance, they just left. I really enjoy hearing feedbacks from others because I could improve myself.

Future Goals and Thoughts
My future goal is to join the coming musical play at school which is “Annie”. From that I could explore more about drama. There are still a lot of techniques and skills that I wanted to look into. I think that drama is really important in the future, When I grow up I might need to deliver a speech in front of houndred or thousand people and that now it’s time to learn from mistakes, be confident of yourself and talk in a clear and representable way.

Here is a photo of me and my classmates doing a tableau with levels:Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 3.51.04 PM