Graphic Novel Design Reflection

I have learnt the basic skills of using illustrator for example the live bucket function and the pen tool and also the use of evernote. I have also learnt how to manage my time wisely as I was absent from a few classes and the whole project was generally very rushed, I still managed to complete the tasks before the due dates. In order for me to complete everything on time I also learnt to do things efficiently and to understand that quality over quantity when dealing with writings.

The use of visuals help reinforce a particular message as the audiences are able to have a clearer understanding of the content. Visuals are better than traditional text forms as they promote visual literacy and reading amongst those who are otherwise reluctant to read. It also helps a better understanding of abstract ideas, complex issues and events due to their visual form. For example, by looking at their facial expressions when something special happened, the audiences are able to tell their personality.

Technology helps to enhance the use of design principles (C.R.A.P) as it makes the communication of ideas clearer and easier to follow. It allows the graphic novel to generally look more organized as it keeps the font and colors consistent. 

Perspectives changes a lot through the use of visuals. For example, if I were to use first person to narrate the story, it will come out of the protagonist, it could be bias sometimes and also it allows the audiences to have a better understanding of the character’s personality and their inner thoughts. I I were to use third person as narrative, it allows the audiences to understand the plot.

When reading a book an image appears in your mind, however that image might not be the same as what the author wanted you to imagine.

What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome these challenges?

I encountered a lot of technical difficulties when using illustrator at the beginning of the assignment because I wasn’t familiar with it. It also hindered the rest of the process because all the tasks are connected. Illustrator wasn’t able to detect the outline of characters or objects that I have drawn. I then re-tracing the scanned image with markers and rescanned it. If I were to do it again, I would have follow the teacher’s demonstration by adjust the brightness and contrast of that scanned graphic novel as that would save a lot of times. Another technical challenge happened when I realize the thickness of the lines after using the image traced function are all the same. I solved the problem at last by using an eraser tool to adjust its thickness. I would not have done anything different because there are no other shortcut that can be used. I also had trouble filling colors.  I wasn’t able to use bucket tool to fill in colors for a specific area. I then spent a lot of time using the free drawing pen. I would have make sure that all the lines are clear and are connected so that the bucket tool will be able to detect sectors. But as time went by and with extra practices I have done found on moodle, I got a hang of it and I was able to use the basic tool now.

Grade 9 Design Day

Today we have been introduced to the design project- to interpret a scene from the Empire of the Sun for peers that should be visually appealing using graphic novels conventions we have learnt through the unit. We need to complete this assignment digitally. I was completely freaking out at the beginning when the task was assigned as I am terrible at drawing and also I have never drawn digitally using Illustrator. Through the day, I have learnt how to use Evernote to took notes though I still find Google drive better and also some basic skills of using Adobe Illustrator, for example drawing straight and curl lines and tracing. I find the tracing function the most useful as it saves time drawing and make it easier to create different characters. We had some templates to practice, below are the screenshots of few of the exercises.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.23.38 pm Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.23.52 pm

Also, I have completed three tasks on criteria A. We created a table and mindmap of  what I already know, what I need to know, and the required knowledge of this project.Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.57.04 am

Overall, I have spent my time productively as I managed to complete most of the tasks at school and it gives me a better understanding of project .

Waste Not, want Not III

Participation: My participation was great because I was always self-motivated and on-task. I was concentrating on my task most of the time although I got distracted by people around me. I contributed the most during group work and I constantly ask questions from my peers and teachers.  (6/8)

Collaboration/Communication: My collaboration with teachers and group mates were great as we discussed together and contributed many great ideas on how to make a perfect package for the apple, we listened to one’s opinion, combined all of our different ideas and divided our job equally. I thought we could have communicate more in order to complete tasks on time. (see link to photo) (5/8)

Effort: The effort I put into my work today was satisfactory as I have spent a lot of time completing most of the requirements (see blog 1 and 2) (6)

Time management: My time management was satisfactory as I didn’t manage to finish all the tasks yet. (5) I need to make sure I spend my time wisely on every task instead of using all the time I had on one small task.

Waste Not, Want Not II

I made a 3D model based on the apple basket in the previous post using a software called Sketchup. We have learnt how to make 3D models with an accurate length and height. It also provided how big the object is comparing to a human.  I was confused and frustrated when we first learnt how to make a 3d model with this application because I kept deleting stuff by accident and I had to remake them. After playing around with this application, I found it really efficient using this application than drawing the net of a 3D object, measuring it and cutting it out. I have improve our design by adding a hole on one of the sides so it looks more attractive.
Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.10.24 pm

How can our understanding of geometry helps to reduce our carbon footprint?
The understanding of geometry helps to save the environment. For instance, if you were to put an object which is round for example an orange in a container, you might want to put it into a  sphere since it fits perfectly and it’s a better use of space rather than putting it into a cylinder. Besides from that, it is also a better use of paper because it takes less paper to make a sphere than a cylinder. If we understand the creation of 3d models, we could choose containers for objects wisely and save the environment.

Waste Not, Want Not

Today we were assigned to make a package for an apple. Picture shown below
The reason why we made our apple basket this way is because the handle make it easy to hold. As you can see, the flap on top makes it easy to open and it could be secure at the same time. It is somehow attractive because we add a little bit of brown to the cover so it looks like the color of an apple skin but not environmental friendly because we used a lot of tape to make the container more protective and durable. We don’t want to make the container to big, there is just enough space for one apple to fit in.

Design Day- The Invitation

When I was younger, I like reading The Magic School Bus series because there are many pictures on every page and not much text. It is easy to read and it is a science-based series of that teaches kids about a variety of topics (climate change, structure of the human body etc). There are more text and less pictures in some adult focus books that might not appeal to children because they might get bored of the heavy text. Children like looking at pictures more because they are easier to be understood. The font of the text and pictures make the book interesting to me. If the text are too small are squished together or not easier to read, I don’t have patience to read it. The design of the book for example contrast and repetition are also really important because studies showed that human tend to read faster and are drawn attention to text that have background colour. The author of the book” Health and Disease” didn’t use text to take a complex ideas and explain in a simplified way. The author could have used pictures to explain or use point form. I will be creating a book about Parkinson’s disease and publish it on iBook. So, grade five and six, please reply with some thoughts on what you think would make a great Science eBook.