Graphic Novel Design Reflection

I have learnt the basic skills of using illustrator for example the live bucket function and the pen tool and also the use of evernote. I have also learnt how to manage my time wisely as I was absent from a few classes and the whole project was generally very rushed, I still managed to complete the tasks before the due dates. In order for me to complete everything on time I also learnt to do things efficiently and to understand that quality over quantity when dealing with writings.

The use of visuals help reinforce a particular message as the audiences are able to have a clearer understanding of the content. Visuals are better than traditional text forms as they promote visual literacy and reading amongst those who are otherwise reluctant to read. It also helps a better understanding of abstract ideas, complex issues and events due to their visual form. For example, by looking at their facial expressions when something special happened, the audiences are able to tell their personality.

Technology helps to enhance the use of design principles (C.R.A.P) as it makes the communication of ideas clearer and easier to follow. It allows the graphic novel to generally look more organized as it keeps the font and colors consistent. 

Perspectives changes a lot through the use of visuals. For example, if I were to use first person to narrate the story, it will come out of the protagonist, it could be bias sometimes and also it allows the audiences to have a better understanding of the character’s personality and their inner thoughts. I I were to use third person as narrative, it allows the audiences to understand the plot.

When reading a book an image appears in your mind, however that image might not be the same as what the author wanted you to imagine.

What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome these challenges?

I encountered a lot of technical difficulties when using illustrator at the beginning of the assignment because I wasn’t familiar with it. It also hindered the rest of the process because all the tasks are connected. Illustrator wasn’t able to detect the outline of characters or objects that I have drawn. I then re-tracing the scanned image with markers and rescanned it. If I were to do it again, I would have follow the teacher’s demonstration by adjust the brightness and contrast of that scanned graphic novel as that would save a lot of times. Another technical challenge happened when I realize the thickness of the lines after using the image traced function are all the same. I solved the problem at last by using an eraser tool to adjust its thickness. I would not have done anything different because there are no other shortcut that can be used. I also had trouble filling colors.  I wasn’t able to use bucket tool to fill in colors for a specific area. I then spent a lot of time using the free drawing pen. I would have make sure that all the lines are clear and are connected so that the bucket tool will be able to detect sectors. But as time went by and with extra practices I have done found on moodle, I got a hang of it and I was able to use the basic tool now.

Grade 9 Design Day

Today we have been introduced to the design project- to interpret a scene from the Empire of the Sun for peers that should be visually appealing using graphic novels conventions we have learnt through the unit. We need to complete this assignment digitally. I was completely freaking out at the beginning when the task was assigned as I am terrible at drawing and also I have never drawn digitally using Illustrator. Through the day, I have learnt how to use Evernote to took notes though I still find Google drive better and also some basic skills of using Adobe Illustrator, for example drawing straight and curl lines and tracing. I find the tracing function the most useful as it saves time drawing and make it easier to create different characters. We had some templates to practice, below are the screenshots of few of the exercises.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.23.38 pm Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.23.52 pm

Also, I have completed three tasks on criteria A. We created a table and mindmap of  what I already know, what I need to know, and the required knowledge of this project.Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.57.04 am

Overall, I have spent my time productively as I managed to complete most of the tasks at school and it gives me a better understanding of project .

Design Documentary: Tin Hau Temple

Reflection from our documentery:
We have received a lot of feedbacks and most of them told us what to improve on. Most of the people think that we put a lot of information in it and explain the history of this temple in a detail way. People also like where we filmed the interior of the temple and then voice-overed it. However, we still need to working on the filming part because the camera was quite sharky and the sound because the audience couldn’t tell what the interviewee is talking since the background noise was too loud. I would hold a microphone to the interviewee if we had chance to go to Tin Hau Temple or putting subtitles into the movie. I would stick the tripod with the camera onto the skateboard so that I could film people walking without shaking.

I like how we had written the script in a dramatic way where the audience can enjoy it while learning the history of Tin Hau Temple. I also like my choice of the background music because there is a chinese feel, it is relaxing not that noisy and really suitable for our topic a lot.I wish I could have speak louder when interviewing the temple keeper and recorded what he had said. What if we could put subtitles to the part where I interview the temple keeper? What if we add pictures?

Design Day History movie

It was a good movie because we held the camera steadily,spend more than 60% of our time editing the movie and ask for Mr. Wright’s advice. We didn’t leave everything to the last minutes, we almost did everything before lunch and we shoot more than we need.we also cited our sources. Through this process, I have learnt more of how to use imovie and some interviewing techniques. The most challenging part of this unit was to upload the video from an Iphone. We spend most of the time uploading it. Luckily, someone lend us a cable and we are able to upload the video.

Book Jacket mock-ups

These are two design mock-ups for my book jacket project. I need your help deciding which book jacket to go with. Please leave a comment with your feedback.

Please complete these sentences: I like…, I wish…, What if… And make sure you tell me which mock-up you’re referring to!

Thank you!

Mock-up #1

Mock-up #2