My Time in Mongolia vs Sade and Femi’s experience in England

Today I would like to do a reflection on my CAS( Community Action Service) trip to Mongolia and connect it to the novel The Other Side of Truth written by Beverley Naidoo.The Other Side of Truth is about an adventure story about Sade and Femi’s experiences in London. They were force to escape from where they original live in.
During our trip to Mongolia, we went to a local school where we met students who were a bit older than us. Some of our classmates were surrounded by girls asking him for a photo because they were from different countries. They might not have seen a foreigner in real life and that’s why they were so popular. However, life is different for Sade and Femi. when they went to a video game shop, everyone in the shop stared at them as if they had done something wrong. They were being discriminated and were being treated as if they were thieves just because they were black. The shop keeper even called the police and wanted them to be put in jail.

One of the similarities would be how the surrounding changes. For us, living in a well developed city with advanced technology, we get more than we wanted to. We live in houses with washrooms, electricity and wifi. Going to Mongolia might be a challenge for some people because there were no toilets or wifi. Same as Sade and Femi, being forced to go to England would be a huge challenge for them. They used to get lots of friends and lived with their parents. They used to live in houses with backyards but everything just changes with they went to England. They were walking on streets to nowhere,lack of food and no parents or friends. They had to adapt to the environment again.