Can HS use a scientific approach?

Once presentations are over, students read the pages on ‘Can we use scientific approach with humans” and answer one of the following questions:

  1. summarize in your own words the reading ‘Can we use scientific approach with humans

There are a lot of uncertainties when using human science to predict human behaviour. Human are unique, each person has different emotions, they responds differently with different situation due to their ways of being brought out, therefore we cannot generate law describing human’s behaviou.  There is also no way to test or generate theories because objects are constantly changing. It is difficult to run the same experiment on different people due to the environmental factors that are different every time. Similar to the subject area of natural science, although objects such as trees, rocks and oceans are made up of the same molecules and they have the same structure, none of them are identical and they are changing as they interact with other magnetism.  We human are learning every day and it affects our behaviour and how we interact with people.  It is also difficult to work with social experimental data in numerical form because it is hard to quantify our emotions. Numbers are useful to predict and draw conclusion of the overall trend of a situation but it is not targeted towards each individual.