Math: Discovered or invented Reflection

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Natural science is one of the AOKs that makes sense to ask the question of discovered or invented. The concepts exist independant of the theories, we came up with those theories so that we can understand things in a way. But then there are things such as theoretical physics where the ideas are not yet proved and disproven ideas, for example the concept of aether. These things are invented and represent things that may or may not actually exist (or have been proven not to exist). Plus even our description of things is an invention, as often it turns out that as theories evolve and become better understood the concepts become more and more refined to be more and more accurate descriptions of the forces at work; just look at the differences between Newton’s physics and Einstien’s physics – while Newton wasn’t wrong, Einstien’s descriptions are more accurate and detailed. He found out new aspects of existence and invented terminology and theories that described things better. Some would say that the base principles of the universe exist, and are uncovered and modelled through experimentation.

Whether arts are discovered or invented is also debatable. Some believe that music is discovered because any type of sound is a type of music. It is simply where different kinds of sounds are put together. It could be derived from nature, such as the thundering of skies or rain,  it could also evolve from emotions.  Some might argue that music is invented because The evolution of music is what provokes ‘inventions’. It is not music that is invented but its elements such as pitchrhythmtempometer,, and texture.

In the field of Music too a similar scenario is seen. Music is a subject that is originally discovered. This is because no one invented music; it is simply sounds put together. Music can include any type of sound. It could be the thundering of the skies and rain on a monsoon day that can create music. Music may evolve from self driven emotions which can make one perceive what one wants music to be. The earliest humans would make music by putting sounds together which could be beating on something, rubbing sticks together, clapping, humming, whistling or making any other such sounds or noises. The evolution of music is what provokes ‘inventions’. It is not music that is invented but its elements. Common elements of music are pitch, rhythm, tempo, meter, articulation, dynamics, timbre and texture.From sounds put together by hitting strings on a guitar to pressing keys on a piano that creates different pitches and different genres of music such as hip-hop and rap. This may also be considered as a form of ‘discovery’ since it is on the basis of the elements that these genres are formed. These may be discoveries derived from inventions.



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