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Conjecture is something that hasn’t been proved. They are proposed by mathematicians who thinks that they are true, however, they are usually lack of sufficient evidence.   When someone proves a conjecture, at that point the conjectures turns into a theorem. A theorem is a mathematical statement that is supported with evidence using rigorous mathematical reasoning.

In THE VIDEO  Eduardo Saenz de Cabezon uses the example of people being surprised that folding a normal piece of paper 50 times, will reach a thickness as high as the sun. He challenges us to ‘do the math’ and see that he is correct. He also said that math dominates intuition and tames creativity. By claiming that “Math dominates intuition”, he is suggesting that the application of math has more to do with our ability to understand something instinctively. The concept of how “certainty” and accurate in math has nothing to do with our instincts. I agree with his idea as in math we require proof and we tend to find the answers based on rules set by mathematicians and mathematical reasoning. If we solely follow our instincts when doing math and jump to conclusion, it might lead to an inaccurate answer. By claiming ” Math tames creativity”, it is suggesting that there are boundaries in math and strict rules that do not allow creativity to take place. However, I disagree with the statement, I believe that mathematics is not just a rigid subject that requires one solution and one way of solving,it is a subject with a broader scope that enables a combination of algorithmic-convergent and creative-divergent task performance, there are multiple creative ways to solve one problem. 
3.Saenz de Cabezon claims that the truths in maths are eternal. Do you think this gives maths a privileged position in TOK?

I believe that this gives maths a privileged position in TOK because this area of knowledge has truth that is very certain and definite whereas in other AOKs, such as Arts, a lot of debates are fuelled up on how to define what art is or what beauty is. It has many answers to that one answer whereas there is only one definite solution in math. The knowledge we learn in science is not perfect, they are just theories that haven’t been disproven. Therefore, the knowledge in math is more reliable and accurate.

4. List any of the knowledge questions related to maths that came out of your discussion in class.

can people communicate with solely math?

How are people’s perspective affected by math?

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