What is Arts?

“Unlike the arts, science tells us something valuable about the world.” 

Defining the statement: Valuable is something that benefits the world and allows people to obtain some form of prossession such as knowledge .

Arts does not offer us knowledge about how the world works and is not essential for living. Unlike the science, it does not help explain how stuff works in real life. It doesn’t provide knowledge that we are required to have in order to survive. For example, robots can live although they don’t feel emotions, meaning that there is a possibility that they can not understand or interpret the meaning behind the art piece or the emotion felt and do not create art.  In contrary, science gives us valuable facts, data and explanation to the phenomenon and directly gives us suggestions and knowledge. We wouldn’t be able to survive without science, for example, all of us would have gone extinct if we do not have an understanding of the diseases and medications that could kill them. Art might be biased, different people might view the art piece and interpret them differently, people might find it hard to understand a particular message conveyed from a piece of artwork.  The piece itself does give us any form of knowledge,  information comes from the sharing of information and opinions of a collective group about the artwork.

Art has it’s place and purpose in society. Art allows us to understand the world better in different subjects, such as psychology, history and the sciences. It tells us about human behaviours and the existence of human. Through novels and literature, the characters’ inner thoughts, actions and how they react to situations allow us might help explain the behaviours of certain people. It also allows us to have a better understanding of the history or the living conditions. For example, photographs taken during the war time help us or the future generation to better visualize the situation and the human emotions captured in these photographs again help us understand emotions of human.  Arts can also be in form of diagrams or models. These diagrams and models are extremely helpful in the sciences. Some people are able to learn in science through diagrams as it helps us visualize subjects that are not visible. One example of knowlege from art would be looking at drawing of atoms and drawing of graphs. These art pieces give us knowledge of how the atomic structure looks like or how a certain equation looks like.