Health and Wellness Unit – Final Analysis

Were you able to continue with your selected habits for the entire semester? Explain.

My goals were to take part in a physical activity 3 times a week, carry a glass or BPA-free water bottle around school, track your water intake per day and switch to airplane mode when going to bed. I was able to continue with my selected habits for the entire semester, the blog posts act as a reminder and they motivate me to continue these selected habits.

I have been more aware of the importance of being involved in physical activities. I tried to grab every opportunity I have to exercise. I tried to wake up early and going for hikes during the weekend instead of sleeping till noon. Instead of procrastinating after school and not get any work completed, I go for a 30 min run. I tried to maintain this for the past nine weeks and I have noticed significant changes. My stress levels become lower and I was able to concentrate better in academics.

Throughout the past nine weeks, I have become more concerned about my intake of water. I tried to decrease my consumption of sugary beverages and replace them with water. I brought a bigger water bottle to school and place it in front of the desk in every class as a reminder. And every day I would record the amount of water I consumed. I have also witnessed significant changes after increasing the intake of water per day. Drinking more water can be good for clear skin and it can also help the symptoms of acne. My acnes were gone.

I switched mobile to airplane almost every night and I would take a screenshot of it as evidence before I go to bed. Because airplane mode cuts off all wireless transmissions from my cellular device, it also stops all risk of cell phone radiation. Because the phone uses less energy to operate when wireless transmissions are halted, it also saves battery, which makes technology use just a tiny bit more efficient.

Was this experience useful in promoting health and wellness into your life. Explain

This experience is useful in promoting health and wellness into my life because it really helps to motivate me to be more of a healthy person overall and it made me become more concerned about my health. I have noticed a significant change since the beginning of the year, as mentioned in the above, my mental and physical health improves a lot.

Will you try to continue to implement some of the habits into your daily lives? Explain.

I will definitely implement these habits into my daily lives as it made me become a healthier person in general. I would like to increase my participation and the duration of physical activities, by going for to the gym after school more frequently. I would also like to implement other habits into my daily lives, for example changing my diet by cutting the intake of snacks and to sleep for more than 8 hours a day.

If you were to do this again, what would you change? Explain.

If I were to do this again, I would like to change my goals weekly as I progress so that they are more challenging and I would always have to make improvements to my lifestyle. I would always like to change the way I record my involvement of the activities, for example instead of recording the amount of water I consume per day and the amount of exercises I did each day in different pieces of paper, I should keep the record in a booklet for better organization.

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