Geography Overall Sanitation % vs GDP per capita

We think that there is a positve but weak correlations between the overall Sanitation % and the  GDP per capita. In 1990, there is a big clump of countries, mostly more developed countries are already up high in the chart except for a few countries that mostly located in Africa are at the bottom. Overall, as the the income per person increases, the more people are able to have access to improved sanitation. The correlation with some reference is weak because most of the countries are already on the top of the chart, meaning that the countries are rich enough to provide their citizens better infrastructures and education,  they also developed advanced technology and they have been ahead of times. The overall sanitation really relies on the GDP per capita because as the income per person increases, the country becomes wealthier and as a result, the countries are able to buy advanced supplies for example medicine, clean water access and infrastructures.  I believe that it takes a long period of time to improve the standard of lives, 16 years are not enough for developing countries like Niger or Liberia, countries in Africa to develop and increase each person’s income, they will be needing to overcome obstacles like the corruption of government, the lack of education etc. They will also be relying on the people from other countries to give a hand. I have noticed an anomaly in the data: One of the country, Gabon which located in Africa started off with pretty much high income per person (10600) with 38% of sanitation has a negative correlation  and I believe it was because the government didn’t bring up the sanitation issue causing it to worsen though the income per person increased. 

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