Are increasing rates of urbanization a good thing?

Are increasing rates urbanization a good thing?

Increasing rates of urbanization are double-sided. It could be a good or bad thing. Its just a matter of how people precieve things in general. Socially, it could benifit the people who are from the rural places as it provides higher incomes for workers than those would earn on a farm and it also yields further opportunities to climb the income ladder. For example a lot of cases in China, in order to earn money for their children’s education fee or simply usual expenses, parents that might be farmers would go to cities, like guangzhou or Beijing and work there as factories workers and they only go back to their homes once or twice a year. In addition to creating better-paid jobs, cities also allow better and cheaper access to services. For example, the average price of water is 182 West African CFA francs (£0.24) per cubic metre for piped water from a system, CFAF 534 from a public fountain and CFAF 926 from a vendor in rural areas. Poor access to essential foundation has an unbalanced impact on rural ladies as they perform a large portion of the domestic chores and always walk for a long distances to get water. However, since many people moved to cities, it results in scarcity of houses which results in development of slums and since there are many people living in those small areas, it results in these people contracting many diseases. It could cause a lot of diseases as more people from different places are cramped in a dense area. Once a person carries some kind of dieases entered a crowded city, soon most people would get affected. Taking Hong Kong as an example, in 2003, SARS erupted and it was responsible for 299 deaths. Tracking SARS back to its source,  bats who carries SARS came contact with the Chinese as they consumes bats and some of them arrived in Hong Kong. The primary way that SARS appears to spread is by close person-to-person contact. In crowded area like the MTR where people are closely packed and once someone sneezes or coughs, everyone would have contact to the germs. The one with weak immune system got affected. As I have mentioned above, more and more people move from rural to urban area which leads the shift of working population from agriculture to industries. And because of that, there will be a fall in agriculture produce which results in fall in food production and that in turn results in inflation as there is more demand and less supply of food products. If the government control the people well, meaning that the government is able to settle in all the places instead of a desnse area by improving the standards of live and infranstructures in urban area, I believe that urbanization is a good thing in social aspect.

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