Inuit Throat Singing

What is an Inuit

The people of the Canadian Arctic are known as the Inuit. They used to be called Eskimos, which originated from a Native American word for ‘eater of raw meat’. Presently the Arctican are authoritatively known as the Inuit, which means ‘the people’, or Inuk.

b) What is Throat Singing?

Inuit throat singing is a form of musical performance found among the Inuit. A mixture of husky chanting and low growling, throat singing is a competition in which the first person to laugh, stop, or run out of breath loses. 

c) What aspects of Throat Singing do you find interesting or important?

I found the way throat singing is vocalise interesting and surprising. I found low growling sounds really comfortable to listen. I always think that the human voice can produce only one note at a time, the resonant harmonies of throat-singing are surprising! It is really important to keep this tradition because this guttural style of singing or chanting, is one of the world’s oldest forms of music.

d) Can you think of any other musical events that are framed as competitions?

Rap battles, a cappella, etc Singing contests are everywhere to be seen. 

4. How does the practice and performance of throat singing differ from Western music performance? Are there any ways in which they are similar? (Consider what the word ‘performance’ means in different cultural contexts…….)

Unlike Western music performance, the throat singing uses throat, not mouth to sing (or make noises) that they are mostly rhythmic patterns when the Western music performances have melodies and actually telling us words. The one thing that they have in common is that both style are telling the audience the own unique story behind the song, culture, and history as they sing.


The two of them used their throat to make a melody. One of them sing in a higher pitch and the other in a lower which created melody.


The intuit have harmonies through making sounds rhythmically


those people seem to compete each other but as they sing it together, it sounds like a piece of music.


the inuit throat singing is based on rhythm that 2 people continue making a particular rhythm


both people has same tempo that they sing in same tempo and it sounds like a piece of music.


there isn’t dynamics in the inuit throat singing that from the beginning to the end, the volume is the same and they just continue making sound with the same tone


the form and structure of inuit throat singing is similar to structure of bass, especially ydrums, that they just repeat same rhythm with some melodies


:Instead of using instruments, people make sound of instrument like a cappella but inuit throat singing is about


Timbre is describing the sound of music that the timbre of inuit throat singing is sometimes sound like an instrument, sometimes animal, and mostly they don’t sound like a person singing

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