Waste Not, Want Not II

I made a 3D model based on the apple basket in the previous post using a software called Sketchup. We have learnt how to make 3D models with an accurate length and height. It also provided how big the object is comparing to a human.  I was confused and frustrated when we first learnt how to make a 3d model with this application because I kept deleting stuff by accident and I had to remake them. After playing around with this application, I found it really efficient using this application than drawing the net of a 3D object, measuring it and cutting it out. I have improve our design by adding a hole on one of the sides so it looks more attractive.
Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.10.24 pm

How can our understanding of geometry helps to reduce our carbon footprint?
The understanding of geometry helps to save the environment. For instance, if you were to put an object which is round for example an orange in a container, you might want to put it into a  sphere since it fits perfectly and it’s a better use of space rather than putting it into a cylinder. Besides from that, it is also a better use of paper because it takes less paper to make a sphere than a cylinder. If we understand the creation of 3d models, we could choose containers for objects wisely and save the environment.

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  1. I like the way you explain the details of the things we did today, and how to use the Sketch-Up apps. Also the reflection on how you work today is really good, and the model you make is also really similar to the fruit package you make today. The answer about the understanding of geometry is also make sense.

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