Education, Economics, and Minority Groups

a)What are the factors that create educational inequality for these groups? If you like focus on one group in particular.
The reason why there is a educational inequality for Pakistanis is because they don’t get to have tutorial lessons like most of the Hong Kong citizens do because their parents don’t have enough money to afford tutorial fees. They also don’t get extra help from teachers because the teachers believe that it’s the kid’s problem while the kids studied really hard, trying to catch up the rest of the class. Most of the Pakistanis’ mother tongue language is English, the structure and the pronunciation of English are totally different from Chinese.

b)What do you think of the recommendations made by Dr. Celeste Yuen Yuet-Mui? If you agree, explain why. If you disagree, give at least one alternate solution.

I disagree with the recommendations made by Dr. Celeste Yuen Yuet-Mui because if foreigners come to hong Kong, they must understand Hong Kong’s culture which they should try to learn Chinese. I understand that Chinese is a difficult language, however, as the common language of Hong Kong is Chinese, if “no loser principle” scheme is carried out, Chinese will be recognised as a second language which is not fair to Hong Kong citizen because Hong Kong is part of China, Hong Kong citizen should learn more about its motherland.

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