Design Day- The Invitation

When I was younger, I like reading The Magic School Bus series because there are many pictures on every page and not much text. It is easy to read and it is a science-based series of that teaches kids about a variety of topics (climate change, structure of the human body etc). There are more text and less pictures in some adult focus books that might not appeal to children because they might get bored of the heavy text. Children like looking at pictures more because they are easier to be understood. The font of the text and pictures make the book interesting to me. If the text are too small are squished together or not easier to read, I don’t have patience to read it. The design of the book for example contrast and repetition are also really important because studies showed that human tend to read faster and are drawn attention to text that have background colour. The author of the book” Health and Disease” didn’t use text to take a complex ideas and explain in a simplified way. The author could have used pictures to explain or use point form. I will be creating a book about Parkinson’s disease and publish it on iBook. So, grade five and six, please reply with some thoughts on what you think would make a great Science eBook.

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