PE Parkour

During the performance, I did well on controlling my body, for example staying balanced on the balanced beam by stretching both of my hands out and keeping balanced when landing on the ground. I think I have a flow movement and some of the movements fit together pretty well. The performance was smooth, without interruptions in the actions. I was not quite sure and don’t have much confident doing the whole routine so I stayed slow, deliberate and gentile in most of my routine. When jumping the first vault, I was a bit hesitated and worried if I could go over it so did’t not have much energy. I didn’t repeat moves and I have a lot of variety. I walked on the wall and then jumped onto the mat and do a shoulder roll. I climb onto the wall and turned around on the wall before landing on the ground and jump on the mushroom with both feet. Then, I jumped over the two vaults using different skills. According to my plan, after I jumped over the two vaults and walked through the balanced beam, I should run to another balanced beam and do a cat walk on it but since I didn’t practice much I wasn’t sure if I could do the cat walk and it’s repetitive so I skipped it. I would try to use more power and improve my skills by doing stretching exercise daily. I should have planned thoughtfully and use time wiser. Instead of skills I have mastered, I would focus more on the skills I am weak at.