Drama Reflection

Before Drama Started…
I was so excited because I had drama before in my old school and I am felt really confident of it. But yet I felt worried at the same time because I was still not used to speak English since I was from local school and I used to speak Cantonese. So I was really afraid that I am going to say something wrong or embarrasss myself in front of the whole class. I was ready for drama class and hoped I could project myself and be what I used to be (happy and no worries!).

What I leant…
Time flies like an arrow,it is now almost the end of the year. Throughout this year, I have learnt different skills and techniques which some of them I hadn’t learnt before. I have learnt that we need 4P’s which is power, pause, pace and pitch in order to project our voice. I found out that power is the most powerful skills among all because from the voice, the audiences could tell the characteristics of the character. For example, when acting as Julius Caesar, since he was the leader of Rome, the actor should be full of confidence and a little bit proud. He should speak loud and clear. when acting the soothsayer who is a fortune teller and people thought he was a bit crazy, he should speaks in a tone which sounded a little bit creepy and scary. The other technique I have learnt was soundscape, I found it very useful too. Actually you can’t say we learnt it in drama class because we used to make noises using our mouths when we were a little chid, like pretending a little puppy or kitten or even a wolf yelling. I like soundscapes because it make the audiences feel the atmosphere atmosphere and make them feel like they were in that place where the actors where trying to describe it to you.

Best Mermory:)
If you were to ask me the best memory during drama classes, I am going to say that was during the performances. That was the only time I feel confident of myself talking or acting in front of people because I feel like I am well prepared, I know what to say or do. The audiences were focusing on you and were watching your performances. That’s is the only time I could be free and act in my way without people judging me. I really enjoy acting in front of audiences because when I was little, I used to like acting in front of others. However, no one watched my performance, they just left. I really enjoy hearing feedbacks from others because I could improve myself.

Future Goals and Thoughts
My future goal is to join the coming musical play at school which is “Annie”. From that I could explore more about drama. There are still a lot of techniques and skills that I wanted to look into. I think that drama is really important in the future, When I grow up I might need to deliver a speech in front of houndred or thousand people and that now it’s time to learn from mistakes, be confident of yourself and talk in a clear and representable way.

Here is a photo of me and my classmates doing a tableau with levels:Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 3.51.04 PM

French reflection for the end of the year

From the start of the year, I know nothing about french, I don’t even know how to write a simple sentence in french. throughout this year, I have learnt a lot about french. I get to know the culture and the structure of france. I can now understand a little bit of people taking french on streets. I have learnt how to say simple sentences when I go to clinics, restaurants or stores. I work really hard in french out of class time, sometimes during weekend I studied a lot for french. I would work harder next year by reading simple books in french and pay more attention during class.