Additional Blog Post- Drama Reflection

Today, I am going to do a drama reflection. I really enjoyed drama class because we get to act characters who were different from us and be free.I have learnt many skills of drama, for example tableau, soundscape, stagger movement and choral speaking etc. There were also 4P’s which actors or actresses must may attention to: power, pause, pace, pitch. Here is a tableau base of the story Cinderella. As you can see, there were many levels, facial expression and body movements. We also use spaces wisely.

Best Digital work of the Year

It is nearly the end of year, thinking back from this year, we had many opportunities doing digital work. The best digital work I have done was the one we did it at the beginning of the year. We did a book jacket based on the book The Knife Of Never Letting Go. The Knife Of Never Letting Go is a scientific story which happen in the future. The settlers were infected with the Noise germ, which everyone can hear other’s thoughts. Todd Hewitt is the only boy in a town of men. He had to flee with his dog because he knows that the town is hiding something from him. Through designing the book jacket, I have learnt how to use Photoshop. This is probably the best experience I had.

My CAS week

Today I am going to share with you some of my CAS Week camp experience. As I have mentioned before, CAS week stands for Community Action Service Week. We went to Mongolia for the CAS week. That was my first going to mainland china by myself without my parents.During this trip, I have learnt different Mongolia culture, tried different new food and met new friends.
On the first day, we took two flights, from Hong Kong to Beijing, from Beijing to Chifeng(somewhere in Mongolia). My first impression to Mongolia was not really good. I thought I would be going to a city where it is undeveloped, no like Hong Kong.
On the second day, we went a local school where students only would get to learnt Arts, performance or culinary. The students there were really nice and friendly, I met a new friend called Guofei. He taught us how to craft a flower from a red radish. He told me that he had been crafting a radish everyday for 3 years. He wanted to become an artist when he got older.
On the other day, we went to a home stay. The lady there was really nice, she gave us dried tofu and blankets for us. Me and the other four friends slept on one bed and it was really crowded. I didn’t slept well because my friends snored a lot and kept talking when they were sleeping. The food in Mongolia was great except for the yogurt. It’s kind of similar to what I eat everyday. My favourite dish the fried pork chop with pineapple, it so crunchy, it tastes like chips.
Some of my best moments in Mongolia was the bonfire. The Mongolian lit up the fire in a special way, they poured gasoline and lit up the fire. We were dancing all night. And then we went back to the yurt and slept. It was freezing cold that night. Friends sleeping next to me got all the blankets so I was really cold. But, anyways we had a lot of fun and it was worth going to Mongolia.

Music blues reflection

I haven’t learn about blue music before.During these few weeks,I have learnt a lot about the history of Blue music,different kinds of instrument that blue music used,the melody of blue music and how to compose a piece of music.I love listening to blue music,my favourite blue music is “In The Mood”.I always hear the piece of music in the radio and I always wonder who played this piece of music.I started to listen to more Blues music since beginning this music.I talked to my parents of blue music and they told me they also love it.They used to listen to a lot of blue music.I enjoy playing blue music in class band because I can feel the mood of the song and everyone is so cooperate.I love playing the Blues Down Under song because the melody is good and everything is awesome!I sometime play as a Blues Soloist in band and I really enjoy it because everyone else are playing the different melody.I have written the blue music before.However I don’t enjoy writing it because it is so difficult for me.The best part of this unit is the root of blue because it is interesting.I didn’t know that blue songs are played by the African slaves.I thought it was made of the American because blue musics make people feel happy.

My Time in Mongolia vs Sade and Femi’s experience in England

Today I would like to do a reflection on my CAS( Community Action Service) trip to Mongolia and connect it to the novel The Other Side of Truth written by Beverley Naidoo.The Other Side of Truth is about an adventure story about Sade and Femi’s experiences in London. They were force to escape from where they original live in.
During our trip to Mongolia, we went to a local school where we met students who were a bit older than us. Some of our classmates were surrounded by girls asking him for a photo because they were from different countries. They might not have seen a foreigner in real life and that’s why they were so popular. However, life is different for Sade and Femi. when they went to a video game shop, everyone in the shop stared at them as if they had done something wrong. They were being discriminated and were being treated as if they were thieves just because they were black. The shop keeper even called the police and wanted them to be put in jail.

One of the similarities would be how the surrounding changes. For us, living in a well developed city with advanced technology, we get more than we wanted to. We live in houses with washrooms, electricity and wifi. Going to Mongolia might be a challenge for some people because there were no toilets or wifi. Same as Sade and Femi, being forced to go to England would be a huge challenge for them. They used to get lots of friends and lived with their parents. They used to live in houses with backyards but everything just changes with they went to England. They were walking on streets to nowhere,lack of food and no parents or friends. They had to adapt to the environment again.

Grade 7 Algebra Assessment Reflection

Compare your assessment to your pre-assessment. What new concepts did you learn? Provide examples to help you explain.
During this unit, I have learnt solving equation with different variables. For example combining like terms, which is to combine the two or more same structure variables into one.
What concepts did you find confusing in this unit? How did you study for them?
I still can’t figure it out how to use pythagoras theorem when doing a equation. I would try to do more exercises about pythagoras theorem and ask teacher’s or parents help when in need.

Design Documentary: Tin Hau Temple

Reflection from our documentery:
We have received a lot of feedbacks and most of them told us what to improve on. Most of the people think that we put a lot of information in it and explain the history of this temple in a detail way. People also like where we filmed the interior of the temple and then voice-overed it. However, we still need to working on the filming part because the camera was quite sharky and the sound because the audience couldn’t tell what the interviewee is talking since the background noise was too loud. I would hold a microphone to the interviewee if we had chance to go to Tin Hau Temple or putting subtitles into the movie. I would stick the tripod with the camera onto the skateboard so that I could film people walking without shaking.

I like how we had written the script in a dramatic way where the audience can enjoy it while learning the history of Tin Hau Temple. I also like my choice of the background music because there is a chinese feel, it is relaxing not that noisy and really suitable for our topic a lot.I wish I could have speak louder when interviewing the temple keeper and recorded what he had said. What if we could put subtitles to the part where I interview the temple keeper? What if we add pictures?