Year of the Horse Personal Reflection

I participated in the Year of the Horse CNY assembly performance and it was really fun.I get to playing my clarinet to many audiences.I enjoyed it a lot.But I hope there is fewer people performing so that there are more space on the stage,because I could hardly see the conductor and the audience.The t-shirt is in red with a yellow horse.I like it! Its kind of sharp and it really stands out when a group of people are wearing the same shirt.I also like the piece of music but it is kind of weird when using western instrument playing music which sounds Chinese. Instead of using western instrument,we should focus more on the drums and all other kind of Chinese instruments.

During the Year of the Horse CNY assembly rehearsals and performances, I learnt to co-operate with other clarinet players.We have to play the notes at the same time.I even make new friends through sharing the stand! I used to be very nervous and would shiver when I am performing or even speaking in front of the class.However,during the Year of the Horse CNY assembly performances,I was not longer nervous,I was really confident because I am really well-prepared.I practise the clarinet for four times a week.I also learn to always pay attention to the conductor when performing and it might helps to pick up on things that are going wrong.I think I have learnt the most during this unit!

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  1. I’m really thrilled that you have identified personal growth during the YOTH unit. I’m happy that you have become more relaxed too. That’s great 🙂

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