Reflections on Mapping your own country

I understand how to use scales,creating and completing a legend and labelling the orientation and the information and ideas are often clearly communicated on the map.I didn’t do as well as I could have this time,I could have use some better aesthetics(i.e. colours)which would make map clearer,especially with boarder.I would like to make a draft first to do better for the next assignment.

Judge A Book By its cover

Today is MYP design day.Our task is to design a paper plane and decorated it related with our lit circle book(The Knife Of Never Letting Go).Me and my group mates did some research on the internet and made a paper plane based on the video on  how to make the fastest paper plane and decorated it with words written about every single people’s thoughts.

For the second task of the design day,we are ask to design our own Book Jacket about your autobiography.This is my book jacket:

If I could start the day over again,I would pay more attention when teachers are talking and I would use my time wisely instead of chatting with my friends and choosing photos on the internet.Through these activities,I have learnt to use Keynote and Photoshop which I rarely use it.

Pattern Investigation Reflection

I did well on using tables to support my investigation and I interpret tables and graphs correctly.I somehow recognise the patterns in the problems and can describe how pattern grows.

However I still need to work on using more mathematic vocabulary on explaining conclusions and describing how pattern grows and organize data in ways that shows pattern.

I would rank myself in term of participation in class and collaboration with my group 7 out of 10

I have learnt to sort out the pattern of an unfamiliar problem and read the questions for more than once in order to solve the problem.