What if Hannibal invaded Rome?


In 218 BC the second Punic war started when Hannibal from the Carthaginian empire marched his ginormous army across the dangerous Alps towards the growing Roman Republic. His army included hundreds of elephants, thousands of Numidian cavalry and tons of Gallic infantry. Firstly, they lay a siege to Saguntum, a city allied with Rome in Iberia. After the siege, Hannibal crossed the Alps into Roman territory.

When Hannibal crossed the Alps he won battle after crushing battle in the Roman homeland. As the Roman legions attempted to destroy Hannibal’s army, he outsmarted them and then destroyed them. For example, during the battle of Cannae, he arranged his army in a crescent shape with the cavalry in the wings. When the Romans attempted to break Hannibal’s center, his center retreated while his wings advanced and eventually changed the formation from a crescent to a circle with the Romans in the middle. The cavalry attacked both sides of the enemy and annihilated them. The Romans were cut into pieces. Blood was everywhere. The battleground was a sea of bodies. Only 14,000 men managed to escape.

The Romans were afraid.  Hannibal’s men were only 1 weeks march away from Rome itself. And they were not sure the Roman defenses will hold up against the Carthaginian commander. Fortunately for Rome, Hannibal doubted that his army could sack Rome. His plan was to destroy villages and force the Romans to sign a peace treaty that benefited Carthage. Sadly for him, the plan did not work and once-mighty Carthage eventually lost to the strength of the Roman republic.
But what if it didn’t, you might ask. What if Hannibal invaded Rome and the unstoppable Roman republic was, well, stopped? Well, that’s the point of this article now stop interrupting it’s rude. So if Hannibal sent his large army to Rome and successfully invades the entire Italian peninsula, what would have happened?

Well, firstly Carthage would not simply replace the Roman empire. Although they were both major powers in the Mediterranean ocean, the similarities mostly end there.

The Roman republic had a warlike culture. They gained most of their power by conquering and invading. Carthage, by contrast, depended on mercenaries, men who fought for money and their power came from trade and wealth. Therefore Carthage would not be able to conquer the Germanic tribes, the Egyptians, and most of the lands around the Mediterranean ocean. It is likely if not certain that these lands will stay independent.

So Carthage would rule the sea instead of the land in order to keep control of trade routes and blockade their enemies. Also, most surprisingly, The most widespread religion, the one that influenced European history the most, Christianity, would not be so widespread if it still exists at all. Just in case you don’t know, Christianity was legalized in the Roman empire by emperor Constantine in 313 BC. Since then it became the main religion. Also, without the Romans, the religion would most likely be outlawed.

In this alternate timeline, Europe is pagan and the north is split among tribes. The Carthaginians are the main economic power. Also, the more civilized nations live along the Mediterranean, with a split between the people of Greece and Italy with the barbarian people of Germany and Britain.
Of course, this is only one scenario. We would never truly know what would have happened if Carthage won the Punic wars. What do you think would have happened?


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Class Responsibility

Hi, readers!

In class we had a new substitute teacher. His name is Mr. Adams. He is from the US. He told us to write down on a sticky note what 5 ingredients are needed to make a good class. I wrote down respect, knowledge, enthusiasm, cooperation and curiosity.

The reason I chose these 5 things is because you need to respect the teacher and your classmates, you need to know about the subject, you need to be enthusiastic about learning and you need to cooperate with your classmates and be curious .

There are lots of ways to make this happen. You need to listen to the teacher, don’t distract others or yourself, ask questions about the things you are curious about, and take action by doing extra research or work. If everyone does these things, the class will be overall much better.

Peace Flag

Hi readers,

Today I am in art class and I just finished making my peace flag.

It was really fun. I got an average score of 9/10! I used the sewing machine to sew on the peace sign. It looked really cool on the back and was fun to control. It had a pedal like a car and when you pressed it, it sewed super fast up and down up and down and you could also manually sew using it using a wheel with a handle. It was a cool experience

Camp Reflection

The process for me to go to camp was to go to the APA shop in Wong Chuk Hang. There we bought a sun hat, a lunch box, water shoes, insect repellent…  Then I had to check we had everything on the list and put it in my backpacks(big or small). The good part about kayaking and water sports is that we got to jump off the dock and it was fun to row the kayak and the raft even if it got a bit loose. The bad part is that my kayak kept sinking which was annoying and took up a large chunk of my kayaking time. I think this experience was different to other peoples experience is because my kayak sunk the most and hardly anyone’s kayak sunk. What I would do next time is be more careful so that my kayak wouldn’t sink.


       Hi, readers,  I have to make a post about a piece of work I have done. I will choose the summative writing task because I thought It would be hard but it was very easy and fun to Imagine ways to improve the school and I was focused most of the time. First I made some jot notes then used them to write it. The second part is making a parts people interactions (PPI) of the parts, people, and interactions who would be needed to make those changes. I wrote lots of paragraphs. I wish I could do it again as a summative task.


Andrew woke up in the middle of the night sweating. He had nightmares about snow rushing down a mountain. It looked like a white cloud of death. It was rushing towards him. His brother was screaming. Then he woke up. He thought if it was not a random coincidence. If it was going to happen. He shrugged off the idea. He saw his brother sleeping peacefully beside him. He closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

The next day he woke up because the annoying sound his alarm clock was making. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t ignore the unpleasant sound. Andrew dragged himself out of bed. It was 5:00 in the morning. Andrew’s mom said”Andrew! I made pancakes!” As soon as Andrew heard that, he rushed down the stairs. He loved pancakes! A moment later, he saw Ryan running down the stairs behind him.

After eating a couple of tasty pancakes covered with chocolate syrup, Andrew went outside to play with Jake and Ivan, his best friends. They had a fun time throwing snowballs at each other, Andrew went back inside. His family was going skiing today.

Andrew’s gut had a bad feeling about this.The rusty old ski lift brought them up the mountain. Ryan shouted, “Last one down is a rotten egg!”Ryan raced down the mountain with Andrew close behind. As he skied down the mountain after Ryan, he saw cracks in the snow’s surface. They grew bigger, and then the snow broke apart. The snow rushed down the mountain super quick. He had to rapidly swim up to breath. He saw a tree. He grabbed on it a like his life depended on it. Unfortunately, the snow rushed above him. His only choice was to let go. Which was exactly what he did.

Once he got back to the surface, he saw Ryan skiing down the mountain faster than ever before. However, the avalanche was faster. Therefore, it enveloped Ryan. Once Andrew saw Ryan disappear into the avalanche, Andrew swam faster than ever before. He kept an eye Ryan, who is now thrashing around wildly. Sadly, the snow was quickly dragging him below the snow. First, his chest sunk below the snow, then his arms and finally his head. Andrew then kept an eye on the area of snow were he sunk. Once he got there, he took a deep breath, then dived down under the snow, trying to find Ryan.

Andrew swam left, right, up and down trying to find Ryan, when finally he gave up, he felt a warm, smooth, domed-shaped surface. Without thinking, he dug the snow around the brown, round surface. Then he dug out Ryan. He yelled, “what is going on!”. He didn’t answer. Because the avalanche stopped and the snow hardened around him.,

Andrew dug an air pocket around his face to breath. Ryan did the same. They grew icicles on their noses as they waited for rescue, which would come in an hour. Andrew woke up and saw a person with a shovel and a dog. He carried him and Ryan into an ambulance. Once they got to the hospital, the doctor gave him hot choco and Andrew asked him if his dad and mom still were alive. The doctor said they died. Andrew screamed NOOOO! He was very sad, angry and disappointed. When he recovered, he walked over his village, now a cloud of snow, he said why while a small tear grew and grew in his eye, and dropped down, which made him break down into tears.