Hi, readers,  I have to make a post about a piece of work I have done. I will choose the summative writing task because I thought It would be hard but it was very easy and fun to Imagine ways to improve the school and I was focused most of the time. First I made some jot notes then used them to write it. The second part is making a parts people interactions (PPI) of the parts, people, and interactions who would be needed to make those changes. I wrote lots of paragraphs. I wish I could do it again as a summative task.


Andrew woke up in the middle of the night sweating. He had nightmares about snow rushing down a mountain. It looked like a white cloud of death. It was rushing towards him. His brother was screaming. Then he woke up. He thought if it was not a random coincidence. If it was going to happen. He shrugged off the idea. He saw his brother sleeping peacefully beside him. He closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

The next day he woke up because the annoying sound his alarm clock was making. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t ignore the unpleasant sound. Andrew dragged himself out of bed. It was 5:00 in the morning. Andrew’s mom said”Andrew! I made pancakes!” As soon as Andrew heard that, he rushed down the stairs. He loved pancakes! A moment later, he saw Ryan running down the stairs behind him.

After eating a couple of tasty pancakes covered with chocolate syrup, Andrew went outside to play with Jake and Ivan, his best friends. They had a fun time throwing snowballs at each other, Andrew went back inside. His family was going skiing today.

Andrew’s gut had a bad feeling about this.The rusty old ski lift brought them up the mountain. Ryan shouted, “Last one down is a rotten egg!”Ryan raced down the mountain with Andrew close behind. As he skied down the mountain after Ryan, he saw cracks in the snow’s surface. They grew bigger, and then the snow broke apart. The snow rushed down the mountain super quick. He had to rapidly swim up to breath. He saw a tree. He grabbed on it a like his life depended on it. Unfortunately, the snow rushed above him. His only choice was to let go. Which was exactly what he did.

Once he got back to the surface, he saw Ryan skiing down the mountain faster than ever before. However, the avalanche was faster. Therefore, it enveloped Ryan. Once Andrew saw Ryan disappear into the avalanche, Andrew swam faster than ever before. He kept an eye Ryan, who is now thrashing around wildly. Sadly, the snow was quickly dragging him below the snow. First, his chest sunk below the snow, then his arms and finally his head. Andrew then kept an eye on the area of snow were he sunk. Once he got there, he took a deep breath, then dived down under the snow, trying to find Ryan.

Andrew swam left, right, up and down trying to find Ryan, when finally he gave up, he felt a warm, smooth, domed-shaped surface. Without thinking, he dug the snow around the brown, round surface. Then he dug out Ryan. He yelled, “what is going on!”. He didn’t answer. Because the avalanche stopped and the snow hardened around him.,

Andrew dug an air pocket around his face to breath. Ryan did the same. They grew icicles on their noses as they waited for rescue, which would come in an hour. Andrew woke up and saw a person with a shovel and a dog. He carried him and Ryan into an ambulance. Once they got to the hospital, the doctor gave him hot choco and Andrew asked him if his dad and mom still were alive. The doctor said they died. Andrew screamed NOOOO! He was very sad, angry and disappointed. When he recovered, he walked over his village, now a cloud of snow, he said why while a small tear grew and grew in his eye, and dropped down, which made him break down into tears.

P.A blog post #2

Hi, Everybody!

I finally finished the light painting! We used an app called Pablo to create the light painting. It looked good but different from what we thought it would. I felt nervous while making it but I was really excited to. When I first saw it I was surprised in a good way. It looked really good and special. It looked very different then I thought it would. If I could change it I would be more organized and prepared.

PA Dance Unit

Hi, readers!

Today I am talking about the PA dance unit I am currently in for 2 months. The central idea is patterns can be represented through a combination of art forms. Basically, it means that you can make patterns if different types of art. In this unit, we are focusing on dance.  The summative assessment is to create a light painting.

Just in case you don’t know what is a light painting, it’s a type of dance, but you’re in the dark and there are glowsticks taped to your body. Then you dance. After, you use this app to capture the light and make it into a light painting! Here are some examples:images-1 Denis-Smith-Ball-of-Light-740x400imgres-7

These three are all excellent examples, but if you are not good at it, it will probably look more like this: Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 8.41.45 PM Anyways, one day Ms. Butler told us to choose our favorite sport that we liked and make it into a dance. For example, my sport that I chose was hokey, so my dance move was shooting the puck. Then she divided my class into a bunch of groups and each group put their dance moves together to make a dance. It was so fun.

By the way, our groups are permanent groups for the whole unit. My group included: Me(Obviously), Sierra, Shiv and Kwok. She also gave us some homework over the spring break and it was to finish a dance storyboard for the light painting I’m doing tomorrow.

The next week, we learned about the “Elements of Dance”. Screen-Shot-2017-05-04-at-10.28.03-PM-300x287There are 5 of them, body, action, space, energy, time. We need to use the body because we need to choose what body part we’re going to use and how to make our bodies to shapes. We need to use action because you don’t know what you’re going to do without it. For example, you might decide to stretch, spin, run, leap, jump, etc. Next is energy. energy is what emotion the dance is. For example, if it is strong and heavy, the emotion will be angry. Space is about how high you are and the area you are using. By how high I mean if all the glowsticks were all high then the whole thing will be a messy blob. Time is how fast the dance is.

After spring break, there was not a lot of PA lessons, and when all the holidays was over we already were almost finished and we are going to the summative. Overall my group did OK but I am a bit nervous about the summative. Wish me luck! Bye!


The Himalayas


Himalayas: The Introduction                            

       The Himalayas is a really beautiful sight. It’s is also good for sightseeing, since there are many animals and sightings of the “Yeti”. But, this wonderful landscape is getting destroyed by us humans. This report will have some information and how to stop the people destroying the himalayas.

All About The Himalayas

       The Himalayas is one of the biggest and youngest mountain range in the world. It has over 52 mountains and is the home of the great Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world! The height of Mount Everest is 8,848 km. The Himalayas is home to 300 species of mammals including the snow leopard, the red panda, the black bear and more. The Himalayas are also home to 10,000 species of plant and 977 species of birds. The Himalayas are also the source of the major rivers which are known as the Ganga, the Brahmaputra and the Indus which altogether gives water to a billion people. There are also another 35 rivers whose source is the Himalayas.


Human Impact (Bad)

       Humans cause sound which causes avalanches. During avalanches, about 3500 animals die. Also, many poachers go to the Himalayas to hunt animals. Not just that, but humans  caused  deforestation in the himalayas. Another thing that humans created is global warming, climate change, plus landslides kill a lot of animals.Plus, a lot of animals experience habitat loss.


Human Impact (Good)

       Don’t always think that all humans are bad just for destroying and ecosystem. Some humans like the government are good and want to save the ecosystem. They send out farmers to work there, stop poaching, plant food for the animals, banning hunters, and creating National Parks to help animals survive.



      Have you heard about the Yeti? Many eyewitnesses said they saw the Yeti. They are known for living in the Himalayas. They are in the dreaded ape-man family, which also includes bigfoot. Also, they might be primates.  

Food Chain

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.08.36 PM


Creation of the Himalayas

       The Himalayas was created 550 B.C. It was created by the Indian Plate and Asian Plate collided. They formed a big mountain range and scientists called it “The Himalayas”. Many animals moved into the ecosystem and started the generations and generations of animals in the Himalayas.


What Can We Do?

       What can you do? Well, there’s many big things you can do, and small things you can do.

Small things:

  • Recycle
  • Plant a tree
  • Earth Hour
  • Donate to WWF Link


Big Things:

  • Big fair

The End!

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