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13 Sep , 2017  

In the past week, we students have been challenged to create an app for a real – life client for our computer science course. The app can be whatever the client wants it to be, however, it must be completed before November. The entire app has to be made through a program called Xcode and the final product can even be available in the App Store! My client has told me to create an app for her company. Going into this unit, I had no idea how to even write down a simple code, however, through a lot of research I have been able to understand the basics. In this research, I found out how to change the color scheme of my code, how to hyperlink a website into my final app through the form of a code, create separate pages within the app to make it looks like a website, learnt how to program a button to take the viewer to a different page and finally, basic aesthetics to make an app enjoyable and useful to customers. All of these components are extremely important to creating a good app because it enables me to create an app exactly how my client wants it. For example, had I not learned how to change the color scheme of the app, I would have left it in the default white color which is not what my client wants. Furthermore, my client wants me to link her website to the final app and had I not researched that, I would have had no idea how to do it. In addition to this, I learned how to make a basic button change to a different page. This is important because the customer will be able to quickly access more information about a product or be able to purchase the product a lot faster which not only increases customer satisfaction but it also makes it easier for them to use the app. Finally, understanding the ten “must have” tips of an app is vital because it means that I will be able to create an app that suits the consumer’s needs and wants for this app, as well as making it user-friendly so that anyone can use it. This is what I have learnt in my research and am looking forward to applying this to my final product!

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  1. 063721 says:

    I like that you went quite into detail on how at first you knew nothing about coding but now you feel that you have it under control and have a fixed mind set on what you want to accomplish. I wish that you had included more details of the app you are creating but that is alright. What if you explained the features of your app based on the research you had mentioned in the blog post?

  2. Blaise says:

    I like how you explained why you researched different mechanisms such as buttons and colour scheme and then explained how you would utilize such research. This shows us that you understand the needs of your client and know which direction you would like to take you application in. I wish that you talked a bit more about what exactly you found through your research, such as key points in terms of what makes a good design or what you found regarding how to code different mechanisms. What if you included images or screenshots of the ‘buttons’ and possible ‘colour schemes’ you are interested in using in your design.

  3. Kushaan says:

    I like how you researched how much coding you will do and researched how you plan to do your coding. You gave a nice, long explanation explaining how you plan to make your app, and explained what you’re planning to do for people that don’t know what the app development project is. I wish you could explain more of the features of the app and what specifically you’re trying to make. You should’ve explained the content of the app and the type of app you’re planning to make. What if you made your colour scheme have a professional look instead of a colourful look. You said that your app is for a company, and that means you’re probably making a business app. Business apps require a sense of sophistication, so displaying a professional colour scheme would be ideal.

  4. 063722 says:

    I like how you have included quite a fair bit of detail in your blog post.
    I wish that you followed the guidelines where it said that it should be a design brief which contains only 5-7 sentences.
    What if you tried to communicate in a more concise manner.

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