Health and Wellness

Healthy Habits

13 Nov , 2017  

Movement Goal

  • Take part in vigorous activity/exercise 5 days per week.

Food Goal

  • Include at least 2 servings of green vegetables per day into your diet.

Sleep  Goal

  • Get 8-9 hrs of quality sleep at least 3X/week.

Thoughts Goals

  • Get out in nature at least 2 times a week
  • Set daily intentions

Health and Wellness

Staying Active

16 Nov , 2017  

Another high quality tennis session with the boys #movement via Instagram

Health and Wellness

Staying Active

15 Nov , 2017  

Solid two hour school training tennis session complete #movement via Instagram


There Will be an App for That

13 Sep , 2017  

In the past week, we students have been challenged to create an app for a real – life client for our computer science course. The app can be whatever the client wants it to be, however, it must be completed before November. The entire app has to be made through a program called Xcode and the final product can even be available in the App Store! My client has told me to create an app for her company. Going into this unit, I had no idea how to even write down a simple code, however, through a lot of research I have been able to understand the basics. In this research, I found out how to change the color scheme of my code, how to hyperlink a website into my final app through the form of a code, create separate pages within the app to make it looks like a website, learnt how to program a button to take the viewer to a different page and finally, basic aesthetics to make an app enjoyable and useful to customers. All of these components are extremely important to creating a good app because it enables me to create an app exactly how my client wants it. For example, had I not learned how to change the color scheme of the app, I would have left it in the default white color which is not what my client wants. Furthermore, my client wants me to link her website to the final app and had I not researched that, I would have had no idea how to do it. In addition to this, I learned how to make a basic button change to a different page. This is important because the customer will be able to quickly access more information about a product or be able to purchase the product a lot faster which not only increases customer satisfaction but it also makes it easier for them to use the app. Finally, understanding the ten “must have” tips of an app is vital because it means that I will be able to create an app that suits the consumer’s needs and wants for this app, as well as making it user-friendly so that anyone can use it. This is what I have learnt in my research and am looking forward to applying this to my final product!



8 Feb , 2017  







16 Bar Melody (With Reflection

23 Mar , 2016  


In my overall composition, I chose these two instruments specifically because out of all the other combinations I tried such as Piano and clarinet, guitar and trumpet, alto sax and guitar, trombone and trumpet etc. The alto saxophone and piano sounded rhythmically and in terms of the melody. This means that when I did a few sample sounds, I found that there was something missing in the rhythm and I did not find the right balance. I found all of these properties in the piano and the alto saxophone. The rhythm in my piece was a very moderate pace because I think it fitted the style of music the best with my note selection and style of music. I know this because I tested different speeds and picked the best one. I picked the specific note style because I wanted to make a song that was not very slow and not very fast but after a few tries, I realised that I would need to make a more dynamic rhythm and note selection instead of a very simple instrument and that is what I feel enhanced the composition even more. In the beginning of creating this composition, I was not very sure on what exactly to do and ended up scrapping a lot of my earlier drafts. There were various reasons for this, one of the main reasons as mentioned before was that I was not getting an appropriate rhythm for the type of song that I wanted and that led me to restart my piece a lot of times, 5 times to be accurate. I started with the melody immediately because the task was to only do a 16 bar melody and I did not want to use up bars and make the beginning very long, so I went straight into the melody, hoping to have a build up, a strong middle and a good, powerful ending.  



I really like how the music goes together quite will and your instrument choice fitted very well together. I think the end was a bit sudden and I feel that it should have been a bit more gradual. Good work, though!



Waste Not, Want Not

2 Mar , 2016  

Today is another design day and we are looking at how packaging works and all the elements that make up a simple package. We are asked to take an apple and using one piece of paper, make a package that could hold the apple’s weight. Here is what we finished with:

Photo on 02-03-16 at 9.47 am #2Photo on 02-03-16 at 9.47 amPhoto on 02-03-16 at 9.46 am


I feel this design fits the criteria very well because when we tested the basket, it could hold the apple’s weight with no troubles. Our “basket” was also easy to open and close as it had no lid but that was also a problem because the apple could fall out at any time. The basket also has soft padding on the side so if you were to accidently drop the basket, the apple should not take so much damage. The package was also very eco-friendly because it used recycled paper and the package could easily be used again. Overall, I feel this basket filled the criteria very well and really helps the environment.


Doing some studies, I found that the amount of carbon one emits daily is shocking. There are many different reasons why we emit carbon. For example, whenever we open a new product from the shop, rip up the wrapping and throw it away. That’s it, end of story. Actually, that piece of plastic goes down to a landfill and goes to the incinerator, emit a lot of carbon into the sky. If you have a bigger piece of plastic or wrapping, the more carbon is emitted. That is just for waste. Every time you go to a restaurant and don’t finish a meal, it gets thrown into the bin. That food goes straight to the landfill and since food takes years to decompose, the easiest way to get rid of it is to throw it into an ocean or again, burn it. If the food is thrown into the ocean, a wandering fish would mistake now toxic material for food and eat it. The fish would either die or become infected with horrible diseases. That disease could spread to other fish and eventually, they could die. So you are not only killing the one fish but many more. The burnt food is not that good for the environment either, it also emits carbon. The most shocking fact I found was about flying in planes. I realized that flying just one-mile releases about 24 kilograms of carbon. That is just for one mile. If you are flying a long distance flight, you are emitting a LOT of carbon. Sometimes, we take things that we throw away for granted, even if it is as small as a little chocolate wrapper but that one small wrapper adds up to something pretty big.


In the whole design day, I have learned a lot of new things. The biggest takeaway was learning how to use SketchUp. It has taught me how to design new things in a way that I had never thought of before. I feel my collaboration today was good as I contributed my ideas and thoughts during relevant times but I feel like I could have contributed a bit more.  I feel my overall effort today was good as well because I managed to finish all the tasks today, even if they did not end up how I would have wanted them to. I need to make sure I have a proper plan in the future and stick to it instead of having to improvise at times.


Line 32 – Criteria D Responding: Music

2 Jan , 2016  

For this specific performance, I do not think I performed to my full standard and in the end, I performed much worse than expected. The main reason is because on the night before the summative, I made the mistake of not practising for the summative. This meant that even though I had prepared for it in the afternoon, I did not have the whole song fresh in my memory and that is what lead to me not performing my best. I did eventually practise as best as I could in class but I could not get the correct flow and rhythm in the performance. I also got very nervous while performing due to the fact that I was not being able to hit a not right and I did mess it up. That is also what contributed to the fact that I did not perform my best. I practised the song by first going through the whole thing and seeing how I could play it and then isolating a few bars or notes that I needed work on to try and improve as much as possible. I was the most successful in my breathing because I was breathing at the right times and at the right measures. I did not breath in the middle of a bar. I was not so good at my note accuracy because I kept on messing up one note and that is what brought down the entire song. A good musician can improve their skill level by practising on their own for a short amount of time everyday. This keeps the rhythm going and they can understand their instrument better.

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