In class we had a task to find out what colonisation is; our teacher told us that it will help us practise taking jot notes and righting down true and related facts. I came up with a conclusion to go with all of my notes and my conclusion will be below. I think that colonisation relates to our central idea because colonisation helped global interactions in the past. Here Is My Conclusion!


I think that the definition of colonisation is: An act of a country which has a strong military taking over another country or area. Colonisation happens when a community leaves their native land to settle into another area. It can also mean the spreading of species into a new habitat. The reason that there are different cities, countries, and towns is because of colonisation acts which happened in the past. Colonisation can lead to conflicts, loss of culture, and war. There are also good consequences such as exchange of tradition, knowledge, and goods ( food, materials, ETC). There was a large movement of colonies in Europe in the middle ages. The vikings colonised Greenland and Ice land and Britain took over other different areas in Europe. Britain was one of the biggest colonies. I think that colonisation can be good or bad; it depends on the situation.

I hope you enjoyed my short reflection of my thoughts, opinions, and understandings.