Land Biomes Mind-Map

This week we have been doing a mind-map on a land biome BrainPop video. The video talked about how different animals need to live in different biomes or they probably won’t survive because they have already adapted to the other environment.


Some different biomes include the desert biome, grasslands, tundra, temperate forests, and rainforests. Each of the biomes have their own animals and all those have had lots of time to adapt to their home (biome). The main reason why animals can’t live different biomes is because they haven’t adapted to that biome and it might be too cold or hot or if the animal was land animal and the biome was a water biome they would probably drown or if it was the other the sea creature would die. The reason why animals have to adapt to the biome is because if the biome has lots of rainfall the animal would have to be able to survive during rainfall and not get sick or die.

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