On May 12th, in the LLAC ( leo lee arts centre ) there was this thing going on and it was called Make, Create, Collaborate. There art lots of different art stations that you can join and then do some stuff. There was this knitting station, a 3D doodling one, instrumental one, another one is where you have a lot of bottle caps and you glue it all together. I didn’t look at every station but does are the stations that I saw.


Instead of going to library we did this. The first station I went to was the 3D doodling one. Ms. Fung ( one of the technology teachers ) was the person that taught us. There was a sheet of paper with a lot of different sized leaves outlined, there was also a 3D doodler. The 3D doodler is the pen thing that actually makes the leaves. The 3D doodler is like a hot glue gun except it comes out in different colours, it also dries really fast in like 2 minutes then you can peel it off. After we made the leaves, Ms. Fung told us to go to the other side of the table to stick them together. We had to melt the end of the leaves to turn it into a flower.


The next station that I went to was the knitting one. In the knitting one there was a big tall cylinder with poles about 10 centimeters apart from each other. We had to knit on that thing, there was a rope around it and we had to lift it up, put the other one inside and then loop it around the pole in front of it. The thing that we knit is now on the 9th floor. I went to a lot more  stations but they were all really similar to the two ones I just talked about.