On September 28th, I had my 3 way learning conference. We go to class with our parents for about 20 minutes to talk about our goals for the rest of the year ahead of us. We discussed my strengths and weaknesses( what I need to improve on ). So we have a document on google drive, to view it press this link.  Each week we have to review our goals and write examples & evidences of how we are trying to meet our goals. On January 19th 2018, our parents will come to school with us again to review our goals and to see if we made any progress ( learning review, 3WLR) . If you didn’t achieve your goal yet, you don’t have to change it, but if you have you can set a new goal for second term.

Expressing Ideas

That is my expressing ideas poster. In class we finished a project about expressing your ideas and our topic was being reflective. We were in groups of 2-3 people, I was partners with a friend. We chose our main idea to be : we should be more aware of other people and the world’s feeling or uniqueness. Since our topic was reflective we decided to make our poster about appreciating other people’s difference and the world’s specialties.


              We first started creating a draft at home and copied it onto the main poster. We gathered all our information together and wrote it down. After we traced it over with marker and decorated it. My partner and I took turns bringing it home to add more things. It took us about a few days to complete this. At the end we were a little rushed to finish it but we got it done on time. The fact that we couldn’t work together to do it at home was quite frustrating because this was a group work and we didn’t know what each other wanted. I think that if we haven’t done a poster it would be easier but I like the way our poster turned out.
             When my classmate looked at our piece she said that it was very creative and decorated, she also said that she really like the ribbon title thing. When they saw this piece they also thought that we worked well together and got a lot of different styles and techniques in putting it on the poster. We also created a website and this is link to our website.

This Is Me

Welcome back to my blog! This year is grade 5 and it’s a way much different year. I am very looking forward to this year and I hope that I will make more goals and meet new friends. This is the third week of school and so far we have finished our “This Is Me” poster. The poster is something that our teacher told us to do to represent who you are and what is important to you in your life.


I think we started this about the first or second week of school. We added photos into our poster and decorated it. The four things that I think is most important to me. 1. My family

  1. Friends 3. My two dogs and 4. Bike riding. I think my this is me poster tells a story about who I am. My work shows the things that I treasure. My family is really important to me because they have been taking care of me for my whole life, they are also very supportive and encouraging. I also think having friends is really important because you are less lonely and a lot of the times you just need friends to support and have your back. Clearly, once you look at my poster you can tell I have 2 dogs. The bike riding photo was actually taken in Toronto, Canada. Every summer my family and I would go there to spend the holiday.


I would say that I think the final result of my poster turned out pretty good colourful and decorated. If I wasn’t me and I looked at my poster I can tell that I really like to make things look neat and decorated. There’s batches of colour everywhere and markers traced over the words. The fact that I used the washi tape instead of glue it made it have more style so overall I really liked my poster. I didn’t really have a goal for my poster, what I really cared about was the design and as long as it made sense then I’m fine with it. I kind of just put whatever I thought of on it and I really liked it.


I have seen one of my friends working on her poster I she did something that inspired  

( not done )






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Character Development

Last week, we started something new, we have been working on persuasive writing for a long time so we started moving on to another writing topic. We started writing narratives ( narratives are like stories ). Our teacher has been reading us some story books related to our unit, natural disasters.. One of them was Fox and the other was The story of frog belly rat bone and there was also “when I was  little”. After we read the books we do a little activity on it. For fox we wrote down the attitudes and attributes to describe the characters, for the story of frog belly rat bone we did a comparison to find out the differences and similarities between those two. We also made two mind-maps as a class : 1 about where writers get their ideas from and the other one is what makes a good narrative.


Right now we are working on making our own narrative that includes a natural disaster. Our homeroom teacher gave all of us a graphic organiser on paper and on the computer. We could choose if we wanted to use google drawing to do it or use the sheet of paper. I chose to do it hand written. First we had to focus on one character, the main character. I decided that i wanted my character to be a beluga ( beluga is a type of whale ). We had to create the look of our character and give it a name. I named my character “Mr. Socks” because my character was a silly beluga. I also added a mustache to my character, a cane and a top hat. The way I drew my character made it look like he was a grandpa but he’s actually just a tween. ( he is a early grower for mustaches )


On the graphic organizer that our teacher gave us, we wrote down some things that our characters might say. I wrote : “OMG! There’s a PUFFERFISH!!!!!” “ Off to work!” and “look at my mustache!” My character also might act silly, hyper and caring. My character’s strengths are : catching fishes, extreme swimming and problem solving. His weaknesses are : jellyfishes, pufferfishes, red stuff and death. Mr. Socks is a really enthusiastic, cooperated, tolerated, empathetic, creative and caring beluga. He still needs to work on his risk taking skills and his confidence. After we finish the organiser we are going to move on to the disaster story plan, where we are going to think of which disaster we are going to do, what’s going to happen and other stuff. 

Make, Create, Collaborate

On May 12th, in the LLAC ( leo lee arts centre ) there was this thing going on and it was called Make, Create, Collaborate. There art lots of different art stations that you can join and then do some stuff. There was this knitting station, a 3D doodling one, instrumental one, another one is where you have a lot of bottle caps and you glue it all together. I didn’t look at every station but does are the stations that I saw.


Instead of going to library we did this. The first station I went to was the 3D doodling one. Ms. Fung ( one of the technology teachers ) was the person that taught us. There was a sheet of paper with a lot of different sized leaves outlined, there was also a 3D doodler. The 3D doodler is the pen thing that actually makes the leaves. The 3D doodler is like a hot glue gun except it comes out in different colours, it also dries really fast in like 2 minutes then you can peel it off. After we made the leaves, Ms. Fung told us to go to the other side of the table to stick them together. We had to melt the end of the leaves to turn it into a flower.


The next station that I went to was the knitting one. In the knitting one there was a big tall cylinder with poles about 10 centimeters apart from each other. We had to knit on that thing, there was a rope around it and we had to lift it up, put the other one inside and then loop it around the pole in front of it. The thing that we knit is now on the 9th floor. I went to a lot more  stations but they were all really similar to the two ones I just talked about.

Learning Buddies Spotlight Reflection

Yesterday, our learning buddies had their spotlight in the LLAC. Three classes had their performance together,

the 3 classes were 1E \ 1B \ 1D. Their spotlight was about this girl named Amrita and she was sitting by a tree then the woodchoppers came and wanted to chop down the tree.. Then this big headed person came and his name was MajjaGoo or something like that. Their spotlight tells me that you shouldn’t chop down so much trees. They said that trees give us paper and we need them.


I liked how the 3 classes cooperated really well even though there was some technical difficulties, they still continued doing it without a microphone. They spoke in a clear and loud voice and also made eye contact. My reading buddy looked pretty well prepared and she seemed confident. She performed really well, remembered all of her lines and also memorized where she is meant to be. My reading buddy also participated in the group dances, activities and also games. All the other people also did an amazing job and were super ready for their spotlight.   

My second persuasive piece

I believe humans should stop polluting the air.  Air pollution started about sixty nine years ago. The air is getting worse and air pollution is really damaging the earth and different species. People are polluting the earth and it can affect a lot of things. I think that the choices people make aren’t being thought about first before doing it.  The things that humans decide everyday, there are always consequences.


First of all, air pollution may cause death or diseases. People might get allergies because of the unclean air. In 2012 air pollution caused seven million worldwide deaths. People inhale the air and if it’s unclean it’s not good for their health. Air pollution puts you in higher risks for asthma and other respiratory diseases. When the air is polluted it can irritate your your eyes, nose, throat and also causes shortness of breath. It can also affect your heart system. Inhaling polluted air for longer periods of time can cause more serious health problems.


Secondly, air pollution doesn’t only harm people but it also harms other organisms. Let’s begin with plants. Plants, trees, flowers have really important roles in life, plants give us oxygen and we are polluting it. Plants absorb the air that is around them and it’s not good for them since the air is polluted. Trees die because of the dirty air and we use trees everyday, they give us paper. Air pollution also causes animals to die or it can lead an animal to diseases., and it may causes acid rain. Every day at least more than 15 animals die because of air pollution each day, if that continues lots of animals may die in a really short amount of time.


Thirdly, air pollution is damaging natural and built environments. The land is the most populated place, it is also the biggest source of food. Air pollution is destroying  the natural environment. The trees are dying, it also creates Global Warming. Global Warming affects the polar bears because their icebergs are melting. Pollution also damages the forest and crops.


In conclusion, I believe that we should stop polluting the air. We can help by taking a public transport or even walking. If we have too much cars more pollution will be made. Air pollution is ruining lots of things and i think we should stop.


PA Reflection

Last Wednesday, we had performing arts. In PA ( performing arts ), we have been working on our light painting. We have groups of  4 and we had to make a dance and then use glow sticks in the darkroom to create a light painting. In our dance journals we started a dance unit for  a while and the light painting is the final task. We started off with practicing on the everyday dance moves song. The song is basically uses everyday moves such as stretching and more stuff to make a dance. The ELEMENTS OF DANCE are :




Each group has a storyboard to start creating the dance. That’s the choreography part. Choreography is the stage where you create the dance with the storyboard. My group named our dance “The Lemon Dance” because when we drew the people on the storyboard they looked like lemons. Our dances has to be a repeating pattern that includes different shapes as a dance move. The moves that me and my group chose was the swirl which you swirl your arms from small to big like a rollie pollie. Then you make a triangle. When you make a triangle you put your hands up in the air, then move it down and your elbow has to be behind your back. After you moves your hands like you are hugging yourself. We also have wavy hands, mustache, strong arms and a lot more moves.


Our group cooperated pretty well, one listened to another while other were speaking and we kind of improvised. We put all of our thoughts together to make a dance. We decided to make out light painting look like a human so we thought of different dance moves to make it look like one. We are going to do each dance moves at different place, like the triangle is that hat so we do it higher, and the swirl is the head and etc. During the next PA class we will be recording the light painting in  this dark room in our school and I think we are ready. I feel like my group is really cooperative and we really know how to communicate with each other without arguing or fighting.