Screenagers Movie Reflection

Yesterday morning the whole grade 5 ,grade 6 and upper school watched a documentary together called Screenagers. Screenagers talks about how kids (kids, tween, teens) using technology too much can affect our daily lives. They also talked about how upper school students who are allowed to bring their phones to class get distracted and sometimes they play games.


Screenagers explained how this can affect us. Some parents have been interviewed and they talked about how their children are always playing video games or watching youtube all the time. Screens affect are brains and it gets our mind very distracted and confused. They also said that if you play too much violent video games it affects our personality. Some moms and dads that have been interviewed have said that their son has become more violent and their temper is worse.


At a school, the teachers and principles agreed that students shouldn’t bring their phones to class so there is this truck and you can drop down your phone there before school starts. Some other kids came up with an idea that whenever they hangout and eat lunch or something, they put their cellphones in the middle of the table and whoever checks it first has to pay for the meal. These are good ways of showing responsibilities. Screenagers made me think about…



Yes Talent

This week on Tuesday we had our 4th lesson of “Yes Talent”. Yes Talent is a group that studies fashion. These people are all graduated from Hong Kong Universities. 4 weeks ago we started to design a piece of wearable art with our groups. On Tuesday we tie-dyed the bottom part of our dress green, blue and purple because our theme is change and these colours all represent an emotion. We chose these colors because it shows the change from sad to happy.


In class we created an inspiration boards about the fashion design. Then on Tuesday we shared it with our group mates and got different ideas from each other. After we continued working on our dress. We all worked on different things, some of us were doing the sewing and some were tie-dying. When we all  

小電影 - 小鳥吃垃圾


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Asbury Field Trip 🙂

On Friday `the 24th of November, we went on a field trip to Asbury! 3 grade 5 classes went together. Asbury is an organisation and we went there to visit some people that live in cage homes. We were sorted into groups of 5. We had a mission to buy a fruit, vegetable and toilet paper for the people living there. We went to the wet market and collected these items. After got got them, we went up to someone’s cage home ( we had permission ) and gave those things to her.


When we got to their cage home, I kinda felt normal. I didn’t feel bad for them because I thought it was way better than I expected. My house was different but I could still imagine myself living there. The owner of the house said that she liked living there with her 2 sons. It’s also very efficient because the market is right downstairs. We asked her a lot of questions and got to know more about her and these cage homes. When we gave her those fruits and vegetables she felt like wh

PE Reflection 😃

During PE last wednesday, we spent half of the lesson talking. In the beginning we were about to play capture the flag, then Mr.Wah told us that the greens ( mountain lions ) couldn’t be tagged , they could sit in the shade while we sat in the sunlight, they had a big privilege from the start.


When we were playing the first round the mountain lions took all the flags because nobody could steal from them. Nobody could tag them. Then Mr.Wah told us to to sit. He explained to us why the mountain lions were so lucky. Mr.Wah said to us : “when you get home do you ever have to worry if you would run out of food or water, put your hand up if you do” We all sat there not putting our hand up. He also asked us : “after you go for a run do you have to worry if you didn’t have enough water to drink? Or if the aircon wouldn’t work?” He kept on asking us questions about what we normally do in our daily lives, then I started to realise that I was very lucky with what I have.


Mr.Wah explained to us that we can change the rules to a PE game, for example I could change the rules so that we would all start off with the same amount of flags. In the real world, we can’t do that, we have to change the way that we played. In the real world we are like the mountain lions, we can eat whenever we want, we can turn on the fan / aircon when we are hot. Some people in the world don’t start off with a privilege like that. Mr. Wah wanted us to understand that circumstances can’t be justified, not everyone starts off in the same position. Some are more privileged and some are less privileged.


Pokfulam Village 😜

Yesterday we had a field trip to the Pokfulam Village. Our unit right now is about opportunities and rights. We went to the village to understand their circumstances and I realized that compared to the people living there, we are very privileged.  The Pokfulam Village is one of the last villages in Hong Kong. It has been alive for over 400 years. The Village is for people to


To Be Continued………………..  😆

Mid Term Break!

For the Mid-Term break I went to Toronto, Canada. Mainly because my sister was visiting boarding schools. My flight was on September 29th Friday morning. It wasn’t a problem staying in Toronto because we have a house and family members there. When we arrived we spent two days resting at home and on Monday we had our first school visit.


Our first visit was a school called Havergal. Havergal is a girls school in Avenue road. I was pretty excited to go on the school tour because last year a really close friend of mine moved to Toronto and now studies in Havergal. When the student was taking us on a tour she brought us to the swimming pool and I saw my friend sitting on the edge of the pool with her friends! Actually I didn’t see her and she saw me instead. I thought that school was okay, but I need to see the rest of the school’s first.


BSS ( Bishop Strachan School ) was our next. A few years ago we came to BSS and got a school visit but they renovated a lot of things so since we’re here we decided to get a tour around the school again. Here is a pictures of the school.

I really liked this school, to the point where I would want to get in the school. My whole family pretty muched liked this one a lot as well.

We visited two more schools : Appleby College and Lakefield College. Appleby is in Oakville and Lakefield is in Peterborough. Out of all the schools I like Lakefield the most because it’s more spacious and there’s more green trees and lawn. I also think the school might have more choices of  things my sister will like better. On the way back from Peterborough, I visited Casa Loma. Casa Loma is a big castle that has been since 1914 ( over 100 years ). Casa Loma is one of the full sized castle in North America. There were things that they didn’t rebuild and let it be to remember the history. Here is a picture of it.

We did a lot of other things but it’s kind of mor e private ( family buisness stuff ). Then I came ack to Hong Kong and it was the end of the Mid Term break!


On September 28th, I had my 3 way learning conference. We go to class with our parents for about 20 minutes to talk about our goals for the rest of the year ahead of us. We discussed my strengths and weaknesses( what I need to improve on ). So we have a document on google drive, to view it press this link.  Each week we have to review our goals and write examples & evidences of how we are trying to meet our goals. On January 19th 2018, our parents will come to school with us again to review our goals and to see if we made any progress ( learning review, 3WLR) . If you didn’t achieve your goal yet, you don’t have to change it, but if you have you can set a new goal for second term.