Week 14 reflection 😇

Week 14 is ending! Time is going by so fast. This week, we mainly focused on report writing and our maths. Our unit goal was to analyse past events and make recommendations to the World Economic Forum. The event I chose to research about is Black Monday. Black Monday was a major stock market crash that happened in 1987. Everyone in my class wrote a report based on a chosen past event. The report writing project involves a substantial amount of research and reading of articles. I think this was a good project to prepare me for the pyp exhibition because then I can take my learning and present it using different types of medias.


This week we had reading buddies! We barely get to see our reading buddies so it’s always exciting when we do. It’s funny how I have the same name as my buddy, just spelt differently. They wrote us a persuasive writing to convince us to go to a market they’re hosting. I thought it was pretty cool how my buddy was making diy snow globes for their market. We played games, talked and got to know each other better.


Christmas is coming soon and our class agreed on doing secret santa!!! Christmas is my favourite time of the year so I’ve been so excited for secret santa. If you don’t know what secret santa is, it’s basically where you get a person in your class a present (you are their secret santa) but they don’t know that you got them. The whole class participates so I won’t know who’s my secret santa.


In conclusion, this week was engaging with various tasks.  I completed a lot of class work such as the camp reflection, math worksheets, report and exhibition lines of inquiry. I am looking forward to the finals weeks before Christmas!

Camp Reflection – week 13 !

Grade 6 camp was last week! It was so scary and fun at the same time. Our whole grade went to Outward Bound in Sai Kung. We went for 4 days and 3 nights. It was a good experience because I really stepped out of my comfort zone. I tried a lot of new activities I would have never done if it wasn’t for camp. In Outward Bound we had different groups, my group was called Yang Li Wei. I slept in dorms the first night and tents for 2 nights.



On tuesday morning, the whole grade 6 were sorting themselves into their camp groups. We took a bus to our campsite in Sai Kung. On the first day we did some ice-breakers to get to know each other better. Ice-breakers are name games or get to know you games. We set up our personal journals to schedule our camping trip. This day was scary because we had to do a small jeti jump into the ocean. The water was really cold but once you get used to it it’s fine. I thought that it was really fun but nervousing at the same time. It was a nice experience to try. My group also did an egg drop challenge. It’s like the one we did in grade 5 except there’s a twist. We have to try to collect our water bottles and trade them in for materials to protect our egg. My group created two egg protections, just in case one cracked. At the end  one of them survived the fall.

That night I stayed in dorms with 2 of my friends. Since we just did the small jeti jump, we got to take a nice hot shower. It felt like a really long day after all the activities we completed.



It was raining on wednesday but we still carried on with the activities. We ate breakfast and we also went canoeing. The canoeing was really fun. I was on a canoe with my dorm mates and we paddled to another island near the campsite called YTT island. I thought the canoeing was really tiring but time to time it was relaxing. The instructors taught us survival skills and how to canoe. When we arrived to the island we ate tuna-mayo sandwich with cucumbers and tomato. A fun thing about camp was that if we are camping then we have to make our own breakfast, lunch and dinner. After that we also have to help wash and clean the dishes/cutlery. Id we stay in the dorms then we go to the cafeteria. On the way back, my group saw a lot of sea urchins floating around and my friends even picked some of them up.


On this day me and my tent mate set up our tents because grade 6’s take turns to sleep in dorms and tents. ( there aren’t enough dorms for everyone ) We made dinner and played some fun games, then we went to bed. Our lights out time is 9:00pm.



On thursday, It was my friends birthday! For the whole day my group went hiking. This was my favourite day because the hike was a risk I would never have done if it wasn’t for camp. We hike all the way until we reached the top of Wong Shek mountain. It was way more adventurous then I thought. A bad thing was that it was raining the day before so the rocks were still kinda wet and it was slippery. When it was very steep, I nearly fell but luckily my friend behind me caught me. I’m so glad that I did this because it made me step out of my comfort zone.


This night we camped out in the public. We went to the Wong Shek campsite. We had a campfire and we made s’mores. It was a bit scary but in all it wasn’t a daily thing to do.



It’s the last day of camp. In the morning we finished off our camping trip with a big jeti jump. It was way more fun than the small one but it was scary too. After we got to take another hot shower then we packed and went home!

Weekly Reflection 12

This week our class mainly focused on the trade game. Our class trade game has been really fun, but unfortunately we are wrapping up our game today:( We have 3 goals to achieve: 1. Create the highest stack of unifix cubes 2. Create a 5-tips poster for report writing 3. Have a clean locker and tray. In this activity I worked with 7 of my classmates, together we created a poster for report writing. (The one above) Although it’s called a 5-tip poster we made 10 tips. 😬 Basically, our teacher hands us a playing card, I got 3 clubs. Numbers 1-5 have low privileges, 6-10 have more, J&Q have good privileges and King is the best. We have resources such as kit kats and others to trade.


I learned that trade is a big part in the economic system. In the real world different roles of people have different advantages. Example: The king got to pick everybody’s seats and 1s have to sit on the floor. I also learned that in free markets some sellers don’t have bargain power over their customers, fair trade is an important concept in economy. Fair trade was included during the trade game, sometimes the trading items and/or services wouldn’t be equal, so we could negotiate for better deals.


I can use my learning in the future because as I grow up I need to understand what economics are. When I’m in a higher grade we will probably learn harder and complicated things about economy. Analysing past events is important because then I can understand why economy now is the way it is, which past events have affected our future?


Another thing we focused on is working on our economic event report, that’s why we created a 5-tip poster. My past event is Black Monday, the major stock market crash in 1987. My experience in this trade game helped me understand the cause of Black Monday. Before, I have been trying to understand these websites but none of them seem to make sense. Then I learnt all these new trading things and now I have a clear understanding of the causation. My event didn’t include a lot of trading but in our case, $ is unifix cubes, stocks are like the kit kats and bonds are like other snacks. Our class would do the same as companies back then( well kinda not really ), we would sell the not-so-famous kit kats and use those cubes to trade for more popular things. YAy!


Overall this week was really fun, full of projects like my exhibition and performing arts. I’m looking forward to new things to accomplish!

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Weekly Reflection 10 :)

Another week in grade 6 has gone by! It’s already November. This week our class mainly focused on our new unit about economics. We dived into past events and inquired the history of economy. I chose two pieces of my work I found interesting. ( it’s those two there -> ) One of them is Tuning In and Finding Out. This activity was multiple tasks. The first task was to use the sources given and record my learning in my journal. The first website I used was BBC bitesize. I learned about markets, demand, supply, stocks, etc…


A market is a place where both sellers and buyers meet together to trade products. Demand is the amount of goods people want, supply is the amount of supplies that are available.

I also learned that market prices change when demand and supply patterns change. When demand and supply patterns change that means the products and buyers’ position has shifted. A few new markets I learned were good and commodities. This activity has helped me understand our unit better.


This unit, our challenge is to analyse past events and based on them make recommendations for the future. I think It’s a little confusing because I don’t really understand what recommendations they’re talking about. At the moment I’m researching about the stock market crash in 1987, known as Black Monday. I just started so I didn’t get much done. There is a lot of details about this event, so please take a look at this -LINK- for more information.


Alast, this week was very interesting. I inquired into new subjects, I learned new vocabulary, I worked on my exhibition proposal and I attended the remembrance day ceremony. There was a lot going on but it kept my week busy. I’m looking forward to continue researching historical events and completing my proposal next week!

G6 Week 9 : )

9 weeks of school has past by already! This week we started inquiring into our new unit about economics. Our transdisciplinary theme is Where We Are in Place and Time. I have learned so many new things this week and am looking forward to this unit.


Since we just started a new unit I discovered more about economic history. A historian is a person who either studies or writes about the past. An activity we worked on was Tuning In and Finding Out. This activity helped me learn who Adam Smith was. Adam Smith was an 18th-century philosopher who was also a political economist. Before monetary economy was invented people used something called Barter Economy. Barter-based economics are a cashless system. They trade goods and products in exchange for other goods. ( No money involved ) I thought that was really interesting because Barter Economy was used centuries ago.


Our class has a challenge to pull off during this unit. I’m a bit confused about it because I don’t really understand what recommendations they are talking about, but I’m  looking forward to seeing what it means.


Not only did we start a new unit but it was Halloween on wednesday! Our school celebrated it on friday because of all the candy but it was still really fun. We watched a movie and several classmates brought in food and snacks to share. We dressed up in our costumes and I found some peoples costumes really creative or interesting. For halloween I was a snapchat filter, it was pretty last minute. Every year there is a costume contest going on with different categories, I saw some very hard working costumes students made at home. It was spectacular!  


Overall, this week was really fun. I was a bit stressed on thursday morning because of a test but it was alright. My feelings were up and down this week but in total I was feeling happy! I’m looking forward to next week and our new unit!

HTWW Unit Reflection : )

After 7 weeks of exploring scientific inquiry, I have learned so much since the first week of school. At the beginning of the unit I only had a brief idea of what matter or molecules were. I only knew that solid, liquid and gas were states of matter and I thought molecules were small invisible bubbles that make up everything. I was puzzled and confused about scientific inquiry, and this bafflement led me to further interests in our unit.


During this unit we mainly focused on is matter and explanatory writing. I have learnt that matter is anything contains mass or takes up space. Our class conducted many experiments throughout the unit. In the beginning, I did an experiment based on how different techniques affect the amount of sugar that can be dissolved in water. I figured out that temperature and energy affects this process. The sugar is a solid and water is liquid, for a solid to transform to a liquid it takes energy to break the bonds in molecules. Explanatory writing is a piece of writing that explains a specific subject without using first or third person language. (me, I, our, we, she, he, us, etc…) We have done a few pieces of explanatory writing during this unit.


Something i found challenging was our unit summative. For our unit summative I worked with 2 of my classmates and we experimented with borax crystals. Our inquiry question was : How does the solution affect the making of the crystals? There is a lot of science behind this topic but it was very challenging to find information about it. We worked hard exploring this and at the end we got a decent understanding of it. I also learned new scientific vocabulary while doing this project. A few words I learned were : saturated, solvent, solute, density and enzyme.


Overall, I had loads of fun throughout the unit. I learnt so much and am excited to see what’s next. I hope our next unit will be just as fun!

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6 weeks in grade 6 😛

It has been 6 weeks of school! I can hardly believe it. This week has been overwhelming! We had a lot of things scheduled to complete. We are halfway through our unit How the World Works. This week our class started our unit summative. Our assignment is to use a concept to perform our understanding of the unit. I chose to test out an experiment and show it by creating a video. I teamed up with a few of my classmates and  we decided to an experiment of borax crystals.


Borax crystals are pipe-cleaners which are soaked in borax water overnight to form a crystal. The experiment is to see if laundry detergent or contact lens solution + baking soda can supersede the borax water. Some people have a hypothesis saying that using laundry detergent would replace the borax water when making the crystals. The detergent used ( Sta-Flo ) is formed with liquid starch. They believe that just contact lens solution by itself would not create a crystal because it does not contain any boric acid. Maybe if baking soda is dissolved with the contact lens solution there is a chance of the pipe-cleaner to crystallize.


This week we also had exploration time. For exploration time we dug deeper into our passions and interests. We were to find a topic we want to explore more about. My passion is to make art, and I’m interested in raising money to help endangered animals. I have decided that I want to create art for a good cause. I’m looking forward to the future exploration times.


I said this week was overwhelming because we had so many homework from each subject, a unit summative, art projects…………. oh and we had the MAP test. Even though there was so much things to do I still had a lot of fun and I’m glad all these things happen!