Make, Create, Collaborate

Make, Create, Collaborate

On May 12th, in the LLAC ( leo lee arts centre ) there was this thing going on and it was called Make, Create, Collaborate. There art lots of different art stations that you can join and then do some stuff. There was this knitting station, a 3D doodling one, instrumental one, another one is where you have a lot of bottle caps and you glue it all together. I didn’t look at every station but does are the stations that I saw.


Instead of going to library we did this. The first station I went to was the 3D doodling one. Ms. Fung ( one of the technology teachers ) was the person that taught us. There was a sheet of paper with a lot of different sized leaves outlined, there was also a 3D doodler. The 3D doodler is the pen thing that actually makes the leaves. The 3D doodler is like a hot glue gun except it comes out in different colours, it also dries really fast in like 2 minutes then you can peel it off. After we made the leaves, Ms. Fung told us to go to the other side of the table to stick them together. We had to melt the end of the leaves to turn it into a flower.


The next station that I went to was the knitting one. In the knitting one there was a big tall cylinder with poles about 10 centimeters apart from each other. We had to knit on that thing, there was a rope around it and we had to lift it up, put the other one inside and then loop it around the pole in front of it. The thing that we knit is now on the 9th floor. I went to a lot more  stations but they were all really similar to the two ones I just talked about.

Learning Buddies Spotlight Reflection

Learning Buddies Spotlight Reflection

Yesterday, our learning buddies had their spotlight in the LLAC. Three classes had their performance together,

the 3 classes were 1E \ 1B \ 1D. Their spotlight was about this girl named Amrita and she was sitting by a tree then the woodchoppers came and wanted to chop down the tree.. Then this big headed person came and his name was MajjaGoo or something like that. Their spotlight tells me that you shouldn’t chop down so much trees. They said that trees give us paper and we need them.


I liked how the 3 classes cooperated really well even though there was some technical difficulties, they still continued doing it without a microphone. They spoke in a clear and loud voice and also made eye contact. My reading buddy looked pretty well prepared and she seemed confident. She performed really well, remembered all of her lines and also memorized where she is meant to be. My reading buddy also participated in the group dances, activities and also games. All the other people also did an amazing job and were super ready for their spotlight.   

My second persuasive piece

My second persuasive piece

I believe humans should stop polluting the air.  Air pollution started about sixty nine years ago. The air is getting worse and air pollution is really damaging the earth and different species. People are polluting the earth and it can affect a lot of things. I think that the choices people make aren’t being thought about first before doing it.  The things that humans decide everyday, there are always consequences.


First of all, air pollution may cause death or diseases. People might get allergies because of the unclean air. In 2012 air pollution caused seven million worldwide deaths. People inhale the air and if it’s unclean it’s not good for their health. Air pollution puts you in higher risks for asthma and other respiratory diseases. When the air is polluted it can irritate your your eyes, nose, throat and also causes shortness of breath. It can also affect your heart system. Inhaling polluted air for longer periods of time can cause more serious health problems.


Secondly, air pollution doesn’t only harm people but it also harms other organisms. Let’s begin with plants. Plants, trees, flowers have really important roles in life, plants give us oxygen and we are polluting it. Plants absorb the air that is around them and it’s not good for them since the air is polluted. Trees die because of the dirty air and we use trees everyday, they give us paper. Air pollution also causes animals to die or it can lead an animal to diseases., and it may causes acid rain. Every day at least more than 15 animals die because of air pollution each day, if that continues lots of animals may die in a really short amount of time.


Thirdly, air pollution is damaging natural and built environments. The land is the most populated place, it is also the biggest source of food. Air pollution is destroying  the natural environment. The trees are dying, it also creates Global Warming. Global Warming affects the polar bears because their icebergs are melting. Pollution also damages the forest and crops.


In conclusion, I believe that we should stop polluting the air. We can help by taking a public transport or even walking. If we have too much cars more pollution will be made. Air pollution is ruining lots of things and i think we should stop.


PA Reflection

PA Reflection

Last Wednesday, we had performing arts. In PA ( performing arts ), we have been working on our light painting. We have groups of  4 and we had to make a dance and then use glow sticks in the darkroom to create a light painting. In our dance journals we started a dance unit for  a while and the light painting is the final task. We started off with practicing on the everyday dance moves song. The song is basically uses everyday moves such as stretching and more stuff to make a dance. The ELEMENTS OF DANCE are :




Each group has a storyboard to start creating the dance. That’s the choreography part. Choreography is the stage where you create the dance with the storyboard. My group named our dance “The Lemon Dance” because when we drew the people on the storyboard they looked like lemons. Our dances has to be a repeating pattern that includes different shapes as a dance move. The moves that me and my group chose was the swirl which you swirl your arms from small to big like a rollie pollie. Then you make a triangle. When you make a triangle you put your hands up in the air, then move it down and your elbow has to be behind your back. After you moves your hands like you are hugging yourself. We also have wavy hands, mustache, strong arms and a lot more moves.


Our group cooperated pretty well, one listened to another while other were speaking and we kind of improvised. We put all of our thoughts together to make a dance. We decided to make out light painting look like a human so we thought of different dance moves to make it look like one. We are going to do each dance moves at different place, like the triangle is that hat so we do it higher, and the swirl is the head and etc. During the next PA class we will be recording the light painting in  this dark room in our school and I think we are ready. I feel like my group is really cooperative and we really know how to communicate with each other without arguing or fighting.


Coding Reflection

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.43.04 PM

 Last week, we had coding with our computer teacher. We went on this website called scratch, scratch is this website where you can create a coding. There is this cat guy in scratch named “scratch”. Scratch is the guy that moves around and follows your code, so you can see what you have done. We had to draw a tessellation with a shape and code it.


For the first lesson we had a task to complete and we had to create a tessellation. A tessellation is a repeating pattern of shapes. I could successfully tessellate it zero times and that’s not what I expected. For the first lesson I didn’t really understand how to do it and how to make it not overlap. I also didtn’t know how to code an actual shape because all of my codings aren’t actual shapes, they are all just everywhere. Scratch did not draw what I expected and the result was really confusing since it didn’t draw a tessellation the pattern was overlapping and crossing lines.


For the second lesson, we continued doing the same thing but this time I managed to actually draw a successful tessellation. First I did a tessellation of a triangle, then I did a tessellation of a hexagon. During this lesson I found coding easier. Making a tessellation wasn’t the hard part for me, but the fact that we had to make a tessellation with an actual shape and it was hard for me to code a shape. So I found that part challenging. I  have learned how to use scratch and how to code something.

Persuasive Writing – Dolphins

Persuasive Writing – Dolphins

I don’t think dolphins should be held in captivity. Dolphins are parts of nature and shouldn’t be captured , they have families and friends in the ocean. They should have a fair and happy life. Dolphins like swimming far out in the sea. They shouldn’t be taken away from their habitats.


First of all, dolphins live much longer in the sea than in captivity, Their lives last way shorter in aquariums. In captivity dolphins live for about 30 to 40 years but in the ocean they can live for around 100 years! If humans continue to do this they could extinct faster. In some places dolphins are already endangered. A lot of dolphins are captured at a really young age and they don’t even have time to grow older.


Secondly, if they do get captured the amount of space dolphins get is too small. I think in their tanks you can’t even dive five meters down.  Dolphins get taken away from the ocean and compared to their tanks, it’s a really big difference. If they don’t have enough space they won’t be able to move around and there are always a few dolphins in such a tiny tank.


Thirdly, dolphins can’t learn to survive in captivity. In the ocean dolphins can dive very deep and they already know how to survive from predators. If dolphins are kept in captivity they can’t learn there and they will eventually forget how to survive. Some dolphins were born in captivity so they don’t even know what it’s like in the outer seas. If they forget how to survive they will die in the ocean.


If this keeps happening, dolphins will eventually be extinct. Dolphins are already endangered in some places. In captivity dolphins can’t have babies. In the ocean, when a dolphin dies another one is born, it’s just like humans. That’s why be won’t become extinct. In captivity they can’t have children and that’s how animals get extinct. The populations of dolphins will become less and less.


Lastly, dolphins’ health is really important, in the seas dolphins eat fresh fish and a lot of different types of food. That is good and better for them. In captivity, dolphins only get fed to one type of food which is dead fish. Eating dead fish is worse than eating living ones because living ones have way better nutritions. Dolphins’ health is what keeps them healthy and alive. Dolphins don’t like eating only fish.
Overall, I don’t think dolphins should be kept in captivity. Some people say that it’s good because they are safe from predators but I don’t think it’s good. Dolphins are happy in their natural habitats. Dolphins are not happy being separated from their families.


Grade 4 Camp!

Grade 4 Camp!

On March 29th to 31st it was the grade 4 camp. Grade 4 camp was the best thing I have experienced so far this year. It was amazing. We went to the camp Treasure Island in Lantau Island ( Pui O beach ). On Wednesday morning we dropped  down our suitcases on the 7th floor then we bring our day bag up with us.  There  is a 1L water bottle, sunscreen, insect repellent, sun hat, rain jacket, a copy of passport and a light towel in our day bag.


After morning recess we got ready to go down to the buses. It was like a one hour ride and a bit more. When we got there, we had to take  a short walk to the campsite. The instructors there welcomed us and we got into our groups. I was in group 8 with an instructor and a teacher from our school. We did some tiny activities there and we made a group flag. We decided to name our group “Minions AHA”. The instructor would yell “Minions” then we would reply “AHA”. There are 9 groups, group 123&4 do things together and 5678&9 do things together.


My group started off with activities in the water.  There is 11 people in my group so we split up into two groups to do a race. We had to make a line of people and see which team could get the farthest. After we had another activity where you have to get the most water in a tube. There are more activities after but after the water activities we  did a lot of other fun things. On day 1 we also set up our tents and moved in. I really like orienteering. Orienteering is like you have a map and you have to mark down where you want to go and find it. We did it a bit different though, we had to mark down the places we need to go to and find a blue tape.It’s like a scavenger hunt.I thought that the showers would be really cold but they give you a choice of hot water or cold water. The hot water was actually really warm. We had a BBQ dinner that night. We had some sausages, potato, corn and more. We got to do it ourselves and for dessert we got S’MORES! We got to roast the marshmallow ourselves and it was so yummy!  At night time we prepared our sleeping bags and got ready for bed. The floor was really hard I could barely sleep.  We go to bed at 9:30pm.  Goodnight!


The next morning we wake up at 6:30 and we went to eat breakfast at a restaurant called Mavrix. We had ham, cheese, bread and cereal. On the second day I liked The raft building the most and I also like supping. ( stand up paddleboarding ) For the raft building we used 3 bamboo sticks, 3 car wheels and 8 ropes to make it. My group’s raft was successful and we got to try it out after. For the supping we learned how to do it on the waves and it was so fun! We had a snack break in the middle of the day and we had chocolate biscuits. THey also had apple juice. I liked day 2 the most because we got to do all these fun activities. We had twilight activities at the end of the day, it was really exciting.


On day three we woke up started packing because we are leaving that day. After we packed we went to breakfast and then we had one last activity. We had survivors skills, we had to build a shelter to block the rain and the wind. We had a final lunch and we walked to the buses and left the camp. Camp was so fun, nearly everybody wants to go back. I enjoyed everything about camp but I really like spending 2 and a half days with my friends. I experienced a lot of new things in camp. I went surfing for the first time, I did orienteering, it was my first time sleeping in a tent, it was my first time spending time away from my parents. I think I will remember this story for years, it was so fun in many ways. I think i will remember my instructor too because he was really fun and really nice too.


I found a lot of things challenging but after I got used to it and now I don’t find it hard. I learned that things in the wild can be really fun, if we always spend time indoor we won’t notice how amazing just running in the water could be. This camp taught us a lot about the oceans and the lands there. They taught us a lot about the buffalos they had. Grade 4 camp was the BEST!


Land Biomes

Land Biomes

This week we started another mind map on Land Biomes. Same things as last time, we went on brainpop to watch a video about it. We started a another unit about ecosystems and the planet. We discovered more about how human behaviours affects the balance of ecosystems.


Land Biomes is a place that a community of plants and animals live or stay in. Land Biomes are homes. There are a lot of different types of biomes and each biome’s functions are different. Temperate forests, deserts, grasslands are all different biomes. ( There are a lot more biomes than that ) The Temperate forest has moderate rain and it has 4 seasons. The desert biome is hot all day and cold at night, it barely gets any water. The grasslands have hot and rainy seasons and cold and dry seasons.  Utah consists mainly of the desert biome.    


Changes of a biome takes a million years, increasing human activity has changed all that. People can change a biome almost overnight. Cutting down trees, Polluting the water…
Forests can become deserts really fast. Plants and animals can become extinct.  We did this activity to learn more about our new unit Sharing The Planet.


Ecosystems – Mind Map

Ecosystems – Mind Map

Last week we started a new unit about ecosystems. We have been looking at different websites with our librarian and we were looking at Brain Pop videos. We watched a video about ecosystems and made another mind map. In my mind map I talked about different habitats, the animal’s communities and more. I think this activity went well.


In an ecosystem animals build up a community by doing their job, each animal and plant has a job to do. The desert has it’s own community of plants and animals. In desert ecosystems cacti stores water, animals sleep underground where it’s cooler and owl’s prey at night. They help each other out with doing their job. In other places animals or plants do other different things that help their environment.


In an ecosystem communities can be separated into different populations that is made up of just one type of organism. Organism is a single plant, animal or a single life form. An organism is a thing that is either living or not. Each organism has a home called a habitat. There are water ecosystems, desert ecosystems, forest ecosystems and more. A habitat is where animals, plants and different things live, some live in grass islands and some live in the wet islands. Just like their ecosystems. In water ecosystems there are lakes, rivers, ponds and more. In the water each organism does what their meant to do and they also build up a community.


I think we did this to learn more about our new unit. I learnt about the ecosystems and how they work with what’s in it.