What I tried hard at this week…

This week we worked on a lot of things! Some things we worked on a lot were: language tasks, math tasks, classroom projects, etc. One thing that I really enjoyed working on was the CHILL ZONE for our classroom. I really enjoy planning things! However the one thing I tried hard at this week, were the math tasks. Although they were pretty hard to complete, I tried my best on those math tasks.

After completing those math tasks, I feel that I did a good job. I also feel the same way for all the other tasks because I did try my best this week. Another thing I feel that changed this week was the voice level. I don’t think people shouted out as much as people did last week, which is an improvement.

I wonder when I will finish the Chill Zone for the classroom. I also wonder if we will be doing more independent tasks next week.

I hope next week is like this too! I will continue to do my best in class and on my home learning/homework. And next week, I hope to finalize on which curtain we should use for our Chill Zone!  

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