Comparing fractions

Comparing Fractions

by:James yen

This week, we were doing a doc of comparing fractions. we have different strategies and at the end, we needed to complete a work sheet.

Strategy Name Explanation Example

Equal Denominator

If they have different fractions and all of the denominators is the same, look at the numerator and see which number is the biggest to smallest, you will find out. 2/5  4/5  7/5

Which is the biggest fraction?

erj da = same
7 is the biggest fraction.
A:  7/5 is the biggest fraction.


Equal Numerator

If the numerator is closer to the denominator, it is the largest. 4/5  4/7  4/1309

Which is the largest fraction?
4 : 5= +1

4 : 7= +3

4 : 1309= +1305
4:5 is the largest fraction


knowledge of half

You need to divide the denominator and the each fraction the same thing and you can see the difference of each fraction. 7/15   6/25  

Which is the biggest?

6/25 is the biggest


Bench mark of 1

When the numerator is bigger than the denominator, it will show that other proper fraction and equal fractions is less than the improper fraction. 2/4 5/4 6/6

Which fraction is bigger?

2/4 = 2/4

6/6 = 1 whole

5/4 = 1 whole and one fourth
5/4 is the biggest.

#5 missing piece When the denominator is different to other fraction, check the numerator, and if each numerator is 1 number less from the denominator, check the largest numerator, once you see it, that is the answer for the largest. ½  6/7  12/13
12 is the biggest, so that means 12/13 is the biggest.  


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