Comparing fractions

Comparing Fractions

by:James yen

This week, we were doing a doc of comparing fractions. we have different strategies and at the end, we needed to complete a work sheet.

Strategy Name Explanation Example

Equal Denominator

If they have different fractions and all of the denominators is the same, look at the numerator and see which number is the biggest to smallest, you will find out. 2/5  4/5  7/5

Which is the biggest fraction?

erj da = same
7 is the biggest fraction.
A:  7/5 is the biggest fraction.


Equal Numerator

If the numerator is closer to the denominator, it is the largest. 4/5  4/7  4/1309

Which is the largest fraction?
4 : 5= +1

4 : 7= +3

4 : 1309= +1305
4:5 is the largest fraction


knowledge of half

You need to divide the denominator and the each fraction the same thing and you can see the difference of each fraction. 7/15   6/25  

Which is the biggest?

6/25 is the biggest


Bench mark of 1

When the numerator is bigger than the denominator, it will show that other proper fraction and equal fractions is less than the improper fraction. 2/4 5/4 6/6

Which fraction is bigger?

2/4 = 2/4

6/6 = 1 whole

5/4 = 1 whole and one fourth
5/4 is the biggest.

#5 missing piece When the denominator is different to other fraction, check the numerator, and if each numerator is 1 number less from the denominator, check the largest numerator, once you see it, that is the answer for the largest. ½  6/7  12/13
12 is the biggest, so that means 12/13 is the biggest.  


Persuasive writing


Grows Success Criteria Glows
The focus of your first argument is unclear.   Conventions:

  • Used a topic sentence
  • Each body paragraph has one clear argument
  • Edited for proper punctuation and spelling
Your second and third argument paragraphs are clear and focused
Some of your writing follows the structure but other parts do not.  Keep working on explaining your ideas in a clear and organized way.

Keep working on having proper spacing and punctuation

Contextual Understanding

  • Follows organizational structure
  • Included facts and evidence to support thesis
  • Used transition words to assist organization
  • Used strong emotive language
  • Ideas were well supported with sufficient detail
You didn’t get any peer feedback.
Keep working in using teacher feedback to make improvements to your writing  
Process and Strategies

  • Planned ideas on a graphic organizer
  • Responded to peer and teacher feedback
  • Made significant changes between drafts
You made some good changes between drafts 1 and 2


camp moments

Dear Jams( fan name ),

It has been a wonderful time in the camp in hong kong, as they say. We had counselors or should i say group leaders. They call their group name treasure island. My “friends” said that we may eat a feast of oreos, pretz, pringles and cake. We even brought new books to read. We mostly went and devoured the sea water. We made broken shaft that was supposedly for us to escape thy island. We had to do surviving skill test, surfing and jumpin off the surfboard and flipping over thy surf board while holding tight the surfboard. They told a tale of a boy, named alex, who had a sister.whenever alex heard his sister breath, scratch herself or even move.alex would pull, punch, kick and even choke his own sister with no reasons at all.His parents had to take him to many doctors and gave medicines, but none would help.finally, a doctor said:”i will not give you anymore medicines if….”he paused”you tell me if  you hear or see things before.” Alex, seemed to be surprised. He said:It’s funny that you say that, because I have been seeing things and hearing things. Alex said that every night, before he goes to bed, he would see a shadow behind his door. And in the middle of the night, he would see a goblin kind of creature, kneeling on his chest while his hands was pounding on his shoulder, smiling in front of his face, so close that only one centimeter away was it’s face and alex’s face. He would  also hear sound of a doll, chuckling and laughing in the attic. He would also hear and see, a shadow of a man, whispering in his ear, saying:”I want your family dead”.

So, that means that he was continuing this without telling anyone. Now, no one would dare to step inside the house because everyone was too scared to have evil reality spirits in their house.


Anyways, i felt that this was a clean and organised place for campers.


There is five things i need to tell jams,

1.where did we go?

Pui o

2.when did we go?

March 29-March 31


3.who did we go?

Grade 4 CDNIS


4.what did we go?

Explained in page 1-2-3


5.why did we go?

Because it is a moment where we can practise our survival skills and to learn something new.
Here is my pics:

The micro beads expeirment

Micro beads experiment.


Micro beads experiment #2, unable.G4D sprinting in hallway 67, unable to find room 312.mentor Glazier instruct the clueless team to room 312.


Clueless team arrived room 312, finding new recruits from G4E.separate in 7 teams.


Finding individual group tables




Sea sac mentor got team D and team E attention.James the spy talk on walky talky.



James the spy(YOOJ), said that the org humans was the ones that was polluting and that was our enemy.


Sea sac mentor told the teams about the micro beads. micro beads kill living things


we learned a lot and we learned that the micro beads are plastic.the plastics goes in our neck and chokes us to is time to go back to class 1432.


James came back to class 1432

Repeat, come back to 1432



Reading time!!!



Pack bags and……





Okey guys, this is my learning and i wanted to have fun, so that i wanted to do a spyish title. see ya!


as i said ” lammy***********de*luck******y********b**oy “, is not part of the story.Anyways, the SPORTS DAY OF THE G4 MAGNIFICA HAS RISEN.YES, WE HAD SPORTS DAY, and I was doing a project about star wars and that I was like  OMG! , and so it was hot but is super special because it’s not just sports day, but is actually Calum’s birthday!!If I was saying that why am I writing this, I would say that this is part of our 4D’s Home Learning Grid.and that one of the choices was this, about sports day.I hope that on awards assembly, I would get a prize or something, besides, assembly day is one Friday, March 10.

hope i can talk to you nice obedient people,(not obedient)



Understanding of volume

Hya bros!

yesterday was the day I got better.on sports day, I got food poisoned.So I’m pretty I’m okay, except that I have a lot of bloody nose.Anyways, yesterday, we were learning the volume with snap cubes.But if I want to make it more scientific, I could say that we use connecting 3-D cubes the has dark brown, light blue, green like the grass, etc. we did this because our last unit has ended, I mean like yah.

why else would not end a unit?do we have to end our unit until your so tired but annoyed that you just smash your computer at your “composer”?

Anyways, that was too over the topic.where was I? oh right, we ended this because the SHARING THE PLANET HAD COME(right now, I’m listening to Korean music while typing this, but an ad just came and was about the man that was Cantonese, he sang so weird.Right now, I’m laughing while typing!because he was acting like this: O DAI MESA CANMO BUCKY MAISY LAMO(by the way, this is Cantonese of what he said)crckadh).

the last ANYWAYS, this is a pic of the volume.

The 24 volume blocks

make a robot:

Comparing ads or techniques

I am not Medicine–stop wildstyle crime WWF PSA

The video were trying to persuade us and warn that Rhinos is killed every 12 hours.The people who kill the rhinos want to make medicine, even though it cures nothing and that causes flu. They chose an artist to draw a rhino. She did it by drawing an upside down picture, not telling us the drawing, but as she turns the canvas around, it was a picture of a rhino.The target they were looking for was the hunters that kill the Rhinos.The hunters might disagree because once they kill a rhino.the molecule of the rhino will be given to the scientists, and the scientists Pay the hunter.People think that the video is sad.some people say that no matter what, they will still kill Rhinos. I think that we should still keep the population of Rhinos.

Here is the video: http://I am not Medicine or type in i%20am%20not%20medicine

Thanks for reading!

(P.S. I am very sad 🙁 )

The Rhinos