by 130188 on November 12, 2015

1. How does what I have learned help me to understand the relevant SOI?

The SOI in this unit is about how individuals respond to changing opportunities. Entrepreneurs are people who are known for doing this, as it is often one of their prime qualities. By learning about people who “do” the statement of inquiry, I get a real life example on what they SOI looks like.

2. How does what I have learned help me to answer the relevant inquiry question(s)

In this lesson, we have focused on entrepreneurship. Everything that involves entrepreneurs, what they are like, and what they do has been covered. This is valuable information in answering the questions because the unit is about entrepreneurs, so it gave us almost direct answers to the inquiry questions.

3. How does what I have learned connect with what I have learned previously to enrich my understanding of the SOI?

Throughout the unit, will learn different things that all connect to the SOI. My knowledge on our unit (Entrepreneurs) is increased here as the lesson is about entrepreneurship itself, which is one of the major topics in the unit. Adding to what I have learned about needs and wants, and similar subjects, I get a deeper knowledge and understanding on how individuals respond to changing opportunities, and how business forms evolve.

4. Examples of real-world situations that help explain the content further.

Bill gates is an example of a very successful entrepreneur. Below is the link to a Facebook wall I have create, depicting his life.


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