Waste not, want not III (ATL Reflection)

by 130188 on March 9, 2015

I have done a self reflection based on how well I have worked today.


I feel like I have been on task for almost all the time, and have gone past the challenges brought by today project and activities. Even when everything di not go as plan, I succeeded in ‘bouncing back’, and figuring out a solution to the problems that we were opposed to. There were times when me and the people in our group did not agree and so we had to find a solution that worked for everyone and sometimes it did not come immediately, but eventually we found a solution to every problem.


Within our group, we were a little slow at the start bot after not long, we got to work and were very efficient. As a group, we are successful in dividing up tasks and finishing them well and quickly.

Making an Effort:

I did my best to be efficient, and for the most part I was. I worked independently and in groups, both cases being successful. I made an effort and had a positive impact on the group.

Time Management:

In class today, I thought I managed my time well as I finished all the required tasks in the time I was given. Additionally,  I spread it out through the whole day, so I didn’t have to do it all in the last few minutes of class. I set myself some reminders on my computer, so I knew exactly what I wanted to have done in the time I was given. for example, I would set myself 20 minutes for a blog post, and when the timer ended, I should be done with it. It worked efficiently as all my tasks were well completed and finished on time.

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