My Educational App

Through my research, I have learnt that a good app must execute its main job almost perfectly and tailored for its audience. It should be polished with features of actual use and not just because it would make your app have more uses. These features must support the main job of the app to make the app better. It should be easy to access something and should be only a few taps away. A good app would enter the habit loop which means it would become part of your daily routine. These would make an app better. With these in mind, I know that my app should fulfill this criterion and allow my client to make full use out of my app. My client can then enjoy the app to the best of their ability because it is so tailored for them.

One thought on “My Educational App

  1. I like how you clearly state how a great app should be created. I wish you could’ve explained what specifically you need to add to make your app the best of it’s abilities. What if you explained what you are doing for design and explain what kind of app your client would like because that would make us (your audience) understand more about what this post is about.

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