8 Bar Rhythm

Task 1 Rhythms

Task 1: Questions

Are there two phrase marks drawn?

– Yes. (Though since it wouldn’t put 4 bars in each line, it defaulted to cutting it into 2.)

Do both phrases finish on a long note value?

Yes. They on half notes (2 beats) which are longer that all the other notes in the 8 bars.

Are the phrases balanced (same length and of similar rhythm)?

Yes. They used syncopation and several quarter and eighth notes. Both phrases are 4 bars.

Is there variety (to make it interesting)?

Yes. The rhythms use similar notes but changed the order of them, creating some variety. I also swapped the values of the notes in the last bars each phrase.

Is there repetition/imitation (to make it familiar)?

Especially the first bars of each phrase, I used very similar notes but added others to make it familiar.

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