March Reflection

1.  Explain how you believe you are progressing on your instrument so far this year.

I think I have been improving on certain areas, but still need some improvement in others. I have been a lot better at sight reading rhythms and notes, as before if I didn’t hear a piece of music first, I would have no idea how to play the rhythm and notes.

2.  Explain specifically what you are currently doing to improve your level of skill.  

I am practicing 2 times a week. Also, I practice only things that can help me improve what I need to improve on like articulation and note accuracy (explained later).

3.  How often do you practice?

I practice 2 times a week.

4.  Which of these are you most successful at: note accuracy, rhythm accuracy, articulation, dynamics, tone quality, breathing/phrasing?

I think I am successful with rhythm accuracy. This is is because I can play the rhythms in the band music easily. I can tongue the notes and play the correct rhythms. I also am successful at breathing and phrasing, because I know to not breathe in obvious areas and I can breathe before phrases, even if it is in the middle of a bar.

5. Which of these are you the least successful: note accuracy, rhythm accuracy, articulation, dynamics, tone quality, breathing/phrasing?  

I can definitely improve on some areas, including articulation. I know how to play them and what they are, but when I’m actually playing, I forget or miss out on the slurs and staccatos, therefore the music would sound slightly different. I can also improve on note accuracy. This is because if the rhythms are too fast, I sometimes can’t get to the next note in time, therefore I play the wrong note.

6.  What can you do to improve as a musician?

To improve, I think I need to practice the notes on scales. Thirds would be a very effective way to practice my note accuracy as it would help with getting from note to note well. These practices are good for improving my problem areas.

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