CAS Week: Sanya, Hainan

How did you persevere in action? Throughout this trip, I have had to face several challenges in order to have a great time. Some include overcoming fears, trying several times before succeeding and mo... Read More

8 Bar Rhythm

Task 1: Questions Are there two phrase marks drawn? – Yes. (Though since it wouldn’t put 4 bars in each line, it defaulted to cutting it into 2.) Do both phrases finish on a long note valu... Read More

Waste Not, Want Not

  summarize the information you have found through your research and investigation Explain how it will  help you create a better packaging product Explain how the use of geometry can help reduce... Read More

March Reflection

1.  Explain how you believe you are progressing on your instrument so far this year. I think I have been improving on certain areas, but still need some improvement in others. I have been a lot bette... Read More