Healthy Habits Final Reflection

The goals that I made were to:

  • Take part in a physical activity 3 times a week
  • Eat a healthy breakfast at home at least 2 times per week. Real food, not processed. (ex. Eggs, avocado, nuts, cherry tomatoes)
  • 8-10 hrs of quality sleep at least 5 times per week.

I was able to continue the goal of taking part in physical activity 3 times a week by going to my weekly dance class, joining the dragon boat team at CDNIS and going for night jogs at least once a week. I found that this allowed me to become more aware of how exercise isn’t just for improving your physical health, but your mental health as well. I felt that I was in more of a positive mood after exercising and I felt that it helped me improve my relationships with myself and the others around me.

For my goal of eating a healthy breakfast at home at least 2 times per week, I found myself meeting the goal on some schools days, but on some days I would barely eat breakfast at all given that I was in a hurry for school and did not wake up as early as I would have liked to (which also connects to my sleeping goals). But overall, as this goal only required myself to eat a healthy breakfast 2 times a week, this was met.

The goal of having 8-10 hrs of quality sleep at least 5 times per week was met to some extent. What I mean by this is that sometimes I would meet it on one week, but the following week would fail to meet the goal due to poor organisation of assignments as well. But I do feel that setting this goal has allowed me to become more aware of the importance of sleep and how this affects your everyday performance.

I would agree that this experience was useful in promoting health and wellness into my life especially when we do not have PE classes anymore. This is because blogging what I eat, do, when I sleep on a weekly basis reminds me of how I can improve my lifestyle to become healthier, and how that impacts me in the long run. This experience creates a voice in my head saying “Oh, so this is what you’ve done today. How does this help you become healthier? Will you continue these habits?” In which I felt that it does not allow me to take my health and resources for granted.

If I were to do this all over again, I would set more specific goals. For example, for my goal of “take part in a physical activity 3 times a week”, I could specify how long each activity should take (eg.1 hour for each activity) and what I’m trying to improve (eg. endurance, strength etc.). This way, I will have a better understanding of the types of activities that I could do as I am more aware of the areas that I am working on, not just for the sake of exercising. Adding on, I would like to add more posts about my sleeping habits for more of a balance, and this reminds of the progress that I am making for motivation.





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  1. Mr. Shortt says:

    Well done Margaret. Great reflection and happy you feel it has made some difference. Here’s to your future and keeping up those healthy habits.

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