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13 Sep , 2017  

Through my research, I have not only gained a better understanding on my own app, but I also gained knowledge on different features of apps, such as storing data, multiple choice options, tabs, importing photos and even adding a search bar to an app. I also had the opportunity to explore multiple apps, which let me evaluate advantages and disadvantages of different types of apps, which will help me outline and create design specifications for my own app (Criteria B). Specifically for my client, who is looking to ease the task of baking, all the features I have learnt about and apps I have evaluated have provided me with more information to meet my client’s need. Specifically my 5 main takeaways:

1.  Storing data within apps so that recipes/conversions can be used again in the future. This is done by using “User Defaults” and connecting that to a variable by using strings.

2. Create a pop down window so my client can choose their conversion measurements. This can simply be done by using multiple buttons and programming each of them.

3. Use a camera to scan and upload recipes to the app, for easier access. This can be done by letting the user take a photo with their phone camera, and then giving the user the option to upload photos from their library. (This may be too advanced)

4. Create tabs in an app, to maintain a more organised layout and bring less confusion to the users. This is done by using the “Tab Bar Controller”, giving access to see the different views the user sees within each tab.

5. Adding a “Search Bar” function, incase the user wants to search for a recipe they used in the past. First you declare that the search bar is “UI Search Bar”, and then link that to a function where you can declare the placeholder text etc. (This may be too advanced)

Design Brief: I will create an app that serves the purpose of easing the activity of baking, by making it more efficient. I will do this by creating an app that allows users to convert baking measurements, scale recipes and save these recipes for future uses, while implying the design CARP principals as well as my new knowledge of Xcode and computer programming. My hope for this app is to not only ease baking, but to even encourage and motivate people to take up the activity of baking with an app that provides them with an organized, efficient way to bake.


2 Responses

  1. Blaise says:

    I like that you did a lot of research about the different types of mechanisms you can use in your design and how to code them. The search bar idea and research process shows that you are thinking about making the app as effective as you can which is definitely a goal of all app designers!

    I wish that you included more information about your research on what makes a good app and how you are going to use those pieces of information to help when it comes to coding as I believe that understanding what makes a good app is just as important as the coding itself!

    What if you included images of the mechanisms you want to include within your app for example an image of what your search bar would look like!

  2. 063773 says:

    I like – things that you don’t think need to be changed.
    I really like your creative ideas on easy accessible photos. I never had those kinds of apps on my phone. Sometimes, I take a quick snapshot of my homework so I can study for it, but sometimes it is too blurry and I can’t study at the time.

    I wish – things that are there but you think might be better if changed to something else.
    Maybe you can try to elaborate on what apps are you going to make or how do you plan to make the logo of the app.

    What if – things that you feel have not been included.
    I think overall, there is nothing I can add because this is such a great idea.

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