WoK Review Reflection

Which of the JTB criteria do you find most problematic?
I find justification to be the most problematic because in order to justify something, there needs to be other knowledge, which creates an endless loop of “justification”. For example, if I say it is going to rain, I need to justify it with knowledge of why it rains, and that needs to be justified with how raindrops are formed, which needs to be justified with more information.

Which criteria do you think should be kept if we are to have rich and meaningful discussions about knowledge in TOK?
I think that we should keep belief, because belief stems from the justification of the knowledge, and thus can lead to more factual information being considered as knowledge. For example, if you see an orange, even if you don’t want to believe that it’s colour is orange, you have to because of the justification provided by what you see.

Suggest an alternative to JTB. You may also suggest that the whole endeavor of coming up with a definition is an exercise in futility, but must justify this.
An alternative would be that knowledge has to be acquired, whether through others or deduction, believed, and indisputable, to the person who has the knowledge.