Natural Science VS Human Science-Dare to Compare

Research Question: How does molten lava erupted from a volcano in Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, interact with the water systems in the neighboring homes and the nearby waters?

Hypothesis: When magma comes into contact with sea water, or watering systems in Iceland, a phreatomagmatic eruption will occur. Where magma comes into contact with a large body of water, resulting in a large explosion, and fragmentation and ash can be produced during these explosions, meaning what could have been a lava flow becomes an explosive eruption. Which will ultimately lead to detrimental effects to the areas surroundings.

Method(s)/tools of data collection: By producing man-made lava and injecting them with water. 

Techniques for analyzing your data

  • Quantitative measurements of temperature and or reaction taking place
  • Qualitative observations must be made to compare and contrast different trial levels

Compare the reliability/certainty of the knowledge your experts will acquire:

  • Unlike human sciences the evidence and data obtained from the experiments from the natural sciences will be more literal and fact-based.
  • Knowledge produced from MOST human sciences are purely theoretical and based off on trends and patterns rather than scientific background

Identify the factors that contribute to (or take away from) reliability/certainty:

  • Lack of consistent evidence
  • Unreasonable explanations

Suggest ways that Human Scientists can increase the reliability of their claims:

  • Have proper and detailed, evidence and explanations about all claims that have been made
  • Ensure reliable data has been collected and is used to support these claims

What can you say ‘in general’ about HS as an AOK.

Human sciences is an area of knowledge that attempts to examine and explain human behavior through the formulation of theories, in which remedies are developed to fix problems that come with it.

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