Weekly Reflection

This week I think I ate a little healthier but I still had a few snacks. Next week I can continue this goal and get used to not having any snacks. I also improved more on my participation in class because I raised my hand more.

I haven’t done KHan Academy because I was doing my homework. The other reason why I didn’t do it is that I don’t really like Khan Academy so I will do Mathetics.

I think participating in class more made me more of a risk taker and share my ideas more. Eating healthier made me more energized to do classwork and homework.

I felt stressed this week because I was busy when doing my homework because I had a lot of assessments for Chinese class.

Goals for the Week

This week I want to participate in class more because I think I will become more courageous. I will raise my hand only if I know the answer or I have a question.

I will also like to do khan academy this week on Monday and Friday because that’s the only days I have no ASA’s. I can review 6th grade or 5th-grade math.

The last goal is to eat healthier because I can be more energized this week and not spend a lot of money.

Weekly Reflection Week 4

This week I think I improved a lot on being more positive in my learning because I wasn’t complaining about the assignments and the projects are getting more fun. The reason why I chose this goal is I used to not really care about any of the activities we were assigned and didn’t put much effort in class work but now I do.

This week I also wanted to improve my reading and to read more. The reason why I wanted to do that was that reading helps me to improve my learning and this week I think I could of read more.

The last goal I still need to improve on us my time management. My solution for this problem is to work with people or sit with people that I don’t get distracted with.

Goals for the Week

This week I will like to become less distracted while doing classwork because then I can do the activities faster and I can improve my time management skills.

I will also like to read for at least 30 minutes a day because I think reading makes you learn new words and you get better at learning in school.

The last goal is I want to have a positive attitude towards learning because when I am positive then I can learn better. When I complain I should really just be learning.

My Weekly Reflection

I think I improved on sitting next to different people while having class discussions on the carpet. The reason why I think I improved because I stopped talking to and getting distracted on the carpet. I still think I can do a better on the carpet because sometimes I gaze out of focus.

I also think I improved my time management skills because it doesn’t take as long to do my homework but in class, it is not as good because I still don’t do it as fast. If I’m going to improve I’m going have to focus better.


My Weekly Reflection

This week Mr.Brodie wanted us to plan our own day we call it own it. We don’t get to plan the whole day like when we’re going to have recess but we get to plan what time we’re going to do everything. We didn’t only do that this week though we also planned our classroom design, we read a book called Shi-Shi-Etko and did a math pre-assessment. There are still many more activities we did this we but I can’t remember.

Last weeks goals were to raise up my hand more and participate in class. the second one was sitting next to a classmate rather than just your friends. The third one was to be more confident when the teacher hands in a quiz or pre-assessment. This week I improved on raising my hand in class more often and becoming more confident when there are math assessments.

The things I need to work on is to sit next to a different classmate when I’m on the carpet. This week I’m determined to sit next to a person that I can learn better with.

Next weeks goals are going to sit next to a different classmate and focus on my time management because when I did own it I spent a lot of time on it and also my Home learning so if I achieve those goals I will become a better learner.

Weekly Reflection

Weekly Reflection

HI GUYS, This week was the first week of 6th grade. This week we got to plan to design our own classroom, did a murder mystery math activity, and had a 5th and 6th-grade assembly.

The best things about this week were hanging out with my friends and planning our classroom design. It made feel more comfortable in this community and become a better classmate. It was hard for me to focus on the carpet because sometimes I get lost in what they are saying and need to ask someone about what they said.

I can improve by trying to refocus and listen so I don’t need to ask again. I’m excited about Exploration time where I can Explore what I want to do for PYP exhibition.

I’m nervous about the tests and pre-assessments because I don’t want to have a bad score on my test. I’m also nervous about speaking in class but I should start to raise my hand so I can participate in class.

I think grade 6 is really fun and I am looking forward to the upcoming events and activities.




  1.  我有 (measure word 量词) +(adj)+(身体部分)


  1.  我的body part 身体)adj


  1.  我的body part 身体)+()(adj


  1.  我的 (body part 身体) (repeat 大大)


  1. 不 __不 __ or 又 __又 __
  2. 长得
  3. 看起来


小時候 现在


我小的时候长得很矮小,身体又圆又胖,有黑色的眼睛和头发。我的眼睛非常大和头发很短。看起来又可爱又健康。 我长得不高不矮。我瘦瘦的脸上有一头又长又黑的头发。看起来又健康又聪明,。



G5 HWEO Unit Self Reflection

Unit Reflection Questions  单元反思问题


1 在这个单元里你学了什么?What did you learn in this unit

   交流时有不同的方法What do you  use



2 你经常用什么方法和别人交流?How often do you communicate with others?


3 你怎么负责任地和别人交流 How do you communicate responsibly with others?



1.在HWEO我学了 新的字和不同的交流方法。


2.当 我朋友他们要帮助的时候, 我…..。?

  1. 当我用聊天软件和朋友们一起说话的时候, 我会….。