Weekly Reflection


I did read because I was confident and determined to do my Homework.


I was tired because I had to do a lot of Chinese work but in the end, it paid off.


I think of this as the energy unit because it’s a lightbulb and light bulb has energy. 


Sharing the Planet Speech

Grow: I think my video went well. I could have been a little more fluent because sometimes I stuttered. I should’ve also remembered my speech better because sometimes I needed to look at my script. I should have made my speech a bit shorter because it went over the 2 minute time.

Glow: I used HD pictures and was confident with speaking but I don’t know anything else that I did well in.


Probability Reflection

Probability Reflection

6D has been learning about theoretical probability( means: The study of probability can be divided into two areas) and experimental probability( means: A probable or the most probable event.) We have been learning it by doing activities like rolling dice, choosing cards, flipping coins etc.. We have also been measuring if something is likely, unlikely or equally likely and putting it on a number line and converting probability into fractions, ratios and percentages.

I feel not the most confident with theoretical and experimental probability because I need to practise more or revise. I think if I did more activities like this or some videos so I can understand this topic some more.

I think some of the challenges was converting the probability into a fraction, per cent, or ratios because I haven’t really practised that one that much. I also found making a tree chart was quite challenging but I know I can practise this and review it so I can understand better.

I couldn’t find any of the best things I have learnt. I feel maybe I’m a little confident about measuring where the probability of something is and place it in different categories like unlikely, likely and equally likely.

I think I should improve on practising and revising more math because then I can get better at probability.


Weekly Reflection

This week I learned about refugees and how they have a hard life living in refugee camps. The reason I learned this was because a guest speaker came to our school and told 6th grade about refugee camps and refugees from Siberia. He told us about how people rejected him because he was too young. His advice was do something you like doing and you’re never too young or too old to take action. In the future, I will use this learning and bring it to my exhibition because his advice really helped me think of my passions.

Next Week I will try to plan my questions for my exhibition and start doing interviews and google forms.

Young Americans

Young Americans

Young Americans was a very good learning experience for me because I got to do something without anyone judging me. I think Young Americans made me realize that it’s ok to make mistakes and you don’t need to be embarrassed about it. I think they really boosted my confidence on stage and they made everything really fun!

I think if I was going to improve on something I would improve on not tripping on stage because it was very crowded on stage and even though I didn’t trip in the performance I still need to work on that when I’m in crowded areas.

I think everyone did really good while performing. I made a lot of new friends in this process and I’m going to miss the Young Americans a lot.


Dance Reflection

Dance Reflection

We had 4 people in my group including me so I think it was a challenge to make a dance with four people. Our dance was 32 seconds so it was very short. I don’t think we expressed passions in this dance so I think that’s what I will improve on. Also, facial expressions are key but we didn’t have any. My favourite part was rehearsing the dance and making it because it was really fun to cooperate and make different moves into dance.


Goals for the Week

For this week’s goals, I would like to be more balanced because I’m very tired and very stressed every day because I’m not balanced of what I’m doing. So I’m going to plan my week on my agenda.

The next goal I would like to achieve is going to be my writing because I would like to improve my vocabulary because it could become more interesting if I add new vocabulary in my writing. I’m going to write a few new vocabulary words in my literacy journal and when I’m stuck on what words I want to write I just go on my literacy journal. Or I can go on my computer and find synonyms for words.

The other goal is to hang out with my friends more because I think it’s important to be with your friends and socialize so I’m going to hang out with my friends on Tuesday and Thursday and play outside on the rest of the days.

The next goal is to exercise more because I like exercising and I think it’s very healthy so maybe I can make time on Fridays and/or maybe on the weekends so I can be more healthy.

I last goal is going to be collecting data because I don’t think I’m good at collecting data from different resources. I would like to achieve this goal by finding different resources like books, maps and people when I’m researching and doing my report.

Weekly Reflection

I think I did become better at being balanced and I wrote on my agenda for this week and I became more organised I think I would use this method.

This week I played with my friends more and I think I did socialize with my friends. I would also like to do this more. I also had enough time to play outside too.

I think I exercised more because I ran outside and did some yoga so I think this was easy for me.

I used different resources when I did my report writing. I used books and people and I think this was good for being my resources.

The last one was getting better vocabulary I didn’t really do that this week but this could be a goal next week.




In the morning 6th grade went to different classrooms or the same to go with their groups. I was so tired in the morning because I had to carry this bag everywhere and it was so heavy. When we went to the campsite we had to introduce ourselves and get things to put in a day bag or something. I was already ready for my day bag so I didn’t have to get anything.

Our first day we played some games and we went low climbing I think it was really fun. I got to know a lot of my counsellors and my team. We went to our dorms and packed for the next day.

The next day we were ready to get everything that we packed from the last time to do water activities. We went kayaking and did the jetty jump. I think I was very courageous to do the jetty jump. After that, we cooked our own food and set up the tents. The last day we went to a hike and all our personal belongings and our big bags got driven there. We first went on a long hike and ate lunch on top of a mountain. Then we went to the campsite. We set up the tents again and made our food. The last night we ate some smores and they were delicious. I was happy that camp was going to be over but I was going to miss it too.

The last day we ate breakfast and walked to a bus stop that led us to the campsite. We had a shower and packed to go back to school. I think I was a risk taker for doing the jetty jump and actually having a shower when it was dirty. I think I kind of did achieve the goal of waking up early for the first night but I didn’t wake up as early as the first night but that was ok. I think camp was a good place to be in nature and they had fun games. I think I liked this year.