5 Star-Rated Booklist

Hi guys I’ve decided to write up a booklist to read it you’re bored. Not to mention I’m a bookworm! Starting this month I’ve love reading Harry Potter. It’s a magical series with exiting twists in it!

Here’s the booklist (it’s below)

  1. Harry Potter – Series
  2. Once upon a Marigold
  3. Twice upon a Marigold
  4. Thrice upon a Marigold
  5. Alice-Miranda
  6. Percy Jackson
  7. Doll Bones
  8. Anna Lost and Found
  9. Geronimo Stilton
  10. Whatever After – Series
  11. Big Nate
  12. Smile
  13. Sisters
  14. Drama
  15. Ghosts (Author of Sisters, Smile and Drama)
  16. Wonder
  17. Roald Dahl
  18. The 14th Goldfish
  19. My Weird School Daze

That Wraps up My Booklist and I’ll continue in a another post. Goodbye!

Natural Disaster Groups 🌋

A few days ago we were working on our Natural Disaster group. We had to be put into groups, and I was in Tornado group with Aline and Christie. To complete this project we first had a grid to organize our time (so we would not waste it), then we started researching and we had a task sheet to guide us. the Driving questions were What is it? Define the natural disaster, Where does this natural disaster happen? What are the causes of the natural disaster? What are the effects of the natural disaster? When we had enough information we started presenting it in slideshow form. All of us polished our presentation and moved on to do our script. In my opinion my group went pretty well except for a few disagreements. For my 2 stars and a wish I wish that we could cooperate really well and my two stars is 1. we added a extra page 2. we finally stopped arguing towards the end. Those are some thins I need to think about next time I get put into groups, it doesn’t matter what kind of group but, it matters how you can work well together without a fight or what can YOU do instead of arguing. When we were presenting we had a couple of peers, Mr. Brown and Ms. Cheng to reflect on us. To see if we did well and what part of the driving questions are we missing.

We had a multiple choice quiz to see if we communicated the information properly to see if people understood us and we had a pretty clear result, here it below. The chart shows that we had presented our information clearly and the class understood. s a result everyone in the class got the answer right. Yay!!! Sorry if the picture is too blurry. Au revoir!

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 1.09.52 PM

What’s A Light painting?

Hello Friends, for our Performing Arts we have been learning a new unit related to Dance.

These are our Elements of Dance: Body, Action, Energy, Space and Time. We learned that everyday movements can be made into a dance ie. using sports moves. A light painting is a picture created by an app on an iPad. We use glowsticks and LED lights in the dark to create a pattern effect. That relates to our central idea: Patterns can be represented through a combination of art forms. First, we were put into groups of three or four, I was put with Anise, Owen and Finn, then we choreographed the moves on a sheet of paper. We had to use patterns that can be made with our body to created this specific dance, however, every group is different! I am very keen to find out how our final result is going to be like, will there be not enough patterns? Let’s see! I will update you guys for our final result. Adios(Farewell)

Tuning in to our New Unit

Salut (Hi in French) Readers, this week we’re tuning in to our new unit. Our new unit is How we Express Ourselves it’s related to advertising. Aidan, Mischa and I worked on a group project (tuning in) advertising to vote for Mischa in the Lower School student council. Tuning in is another way to say connect and wonder, we tune in to see what we already now about the things we’re about to learn.

Our target audience was Lower School students because we wanted to persuade them to vote for Mischa. The techniques were using a colourful title, having pictures that are related to the captions below. We thought our audience would feel Amused, Glad and Excited but they felt/thought is was awesome, ecstactic and a couple more feelings and thoughts.

Questions: Is Persuading related to Advertising?

How did Advertising start? Let’s see if we can answer them. Every time you click on the name Aidan or Mischa you can directly go on their blog.


The Trip to Venice 😎 🇮🇹

Hi Guys, my family and I went to Venice & Milan for a week during October, 2016. Here’s some photos below.

The view from our hotel room. ⬆️
Another view from our room. ⬆️
This is the Sigh Bridge. Long time ago the prisoners can see their family from the tiny windows, before they were killed.😭 Now there are no more deaths because the bridge got turned into a museum.
San Marco Square. ⬆️
I made my own Magnum’s Ice Cream bar. 🍦
This is Duomo from Milan.


These are my souvenirs from Murano & Burano islands. ⬆️


This is the Venezia Santa Lucia railway station.


I’m on a Gondola, boats are a public transportation in Venice.


This is the San Marco Square. I fed the pigeons. 😀

This is me on one of the bridges. There are in total more than 400+ bridges connecting all the islands in Venice.

Falling Objects Experiment

We threw a bunch of objects from the 9/F playground to the 6/F playground. This is the data we collected, we had to do a hypothesis and I was really surprised because my hypothesis was incorrect. We learned something called INERTIA that keeps it from falling at different rates. INERTIA is something (not a force) that is around objects and makes them fall at the same rate. This only works for objects which has the same mass but different weights.