Weekly Reflection 3

This week I will be structuring my weekly reflection a bit differently I will be writing one pro one con and of course one thing that I think I should have done. The pro will be getting a lot of time to read, the con will be having so much own it that I got quite tired of it and the thing I could have done,  well I guess you will have to read on to find out!

You may be wondering why reading would be a pro, well I guess there are a lot of reasons but the main one is that I found a new book that I love called “The One And Only Ivan”. It is about a gorilla trapped in his domain and about his friends in the other domain, it is very entertaining and tells me about his past and the present. There has been a bit of drama lately because a new animal has entered the group and it is a baby elephant taken from her home, her name is ruby. I think it was an extremely good choice for picking up this book and reading it I am happy I did not just skim past it like I do with so many other books.

First I will tell you what own it is, it is basically a subject where we can do whatever we want from a list of chosen things including Literacy and Mathematics. I didn’t like this week’s own it because there was so much of it at once but I also didn’t really like the things we got to choose from that might be because there was no big project and I love doing a big project. Especially when there is a deadline racing towards you like a car on a green light, that may sound weird but I work a lot better under pressure because I do not get as distracted as I would with no deadline.

I think I what I would have done differently is I would have done more math and less of read theory, read theory is a website that you can do random quizzes it is really very fun. I would do that because today I  was completely rushing the math trying to get it down. In the end, I did finish it but I did a little bit of a sloppy job doing it. I really hate that feeling of non-self accomplishment I don’t really know if anyone else has that well I really don’t like it.

Thank you so much for reading my reflection I hope you enjoyed it more than the other ones I have made and please comment if this way of organizing okay goodbye.


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