Weekly Reflection 3

This week I will be structuring my weekly reflection a bit differently I will be writing one pro one con and of course one thing that I think I should have done. The pro will be getting a lot of time to read, the con will be having so much own it that I got quite tired of it and the thing I could have done,  well I guess you will have to read on to find out!

You may be wondering why reading would be a pro, well I guess there are a lot of reasons but the main one is that I found a new book that I love called “The One And Only Ivan”. It is about a gorilla trapped in his domain and about his friends in the other domain, it is very entertaining and tells me about his past and the present. There has been a bit of drama lately because a new animal has entered the group and it is a baby elephant taken from her home, her name is ruby. I think it was an extremely good choice for picking up this book and reading it I am happy I did not just skim past it like I do with so many other books.

First I will tell you what own it is, it is basically a subject where we can do whatever we want from a list of chosen things including Literacy and Mathematics. I didn’t like this week’s own it because there was so much of it at once but I also didn’t really like the things we got to choose from that might be because there was no big project and I love doing a big project. Especially when there is a deadline racing towards you like a car on a green light, that may sound weird but I work a lot better under pressure because I do not get as distracted as I would with no deadline.

I think I what I would have done differently is I would have done more math and less of read theory, read theory is a website that you can do random quizzes it is really very fun. I would do that because today I  was completely rushing the math trying to get it down. In the end, I did finish it but I did a little bit of a sloppy job doing it. I really hate that feeling of non-self accomplishment I don’t really know if anyone else has that well I really don’t like it.

Thank you so much for reading my reflection I hope you enjoyed it more than the other ones I have made and please comment if this way of organizing okay goodbye.


Weekly Reflection 2

This week I did lots of things, I mean it is the first week of grade 6! Mainly there are 4 things that I did I think we can start with what I think is the least important.

This week I started playing the ukelele in the performing arts, it was the first time I had ever played so I was definitely not too amazing. One of the more irritating things that happen after you play the ukulele is that you get calluses on the side of your fingers because we weren’t allowed to play with a pick which was as I said earlier it was very annoying!

Something else that we did is that in physical education we are learning how to play badminton and this week I learned how to serve! It took a while for me to learn because I usually play tennis and I am used to having a shorter racket so I decided to try holding the birdie (badminton ball) right above the face of my racket and then letting go and swing right when I let go and that is how I learned how to swing a badminton racket.

This week I also completed the week 1 math one day early, we did patterning in the math this week and probably what the hardest thing was that we had to have a blank piece of paper and write down numbers 1-20 and do a pattern for each number and lets say if it was pattern 8 it would somehow have to relate to 8 so 8 would have to be the key or the solution.

The final important thing I think I did this week is starting our personalized work which is basically where we get a list of things that we can do and chose what out of the list we do and when. I wanted to finish the week one math for one of the things I would do for two periods (80 mins) and that is also how I finished the week one math.

I hope you enjoyed reading my weekly reflection and didn’t think it was too much of a bore to read it all and please give me feedback in the comment section below! Once again thank you for reading!



HWOO Unit Reflection

香港加拿大国际学校  小学部

中文科 五年级 MFL

第三单元 HWOO Unit Reflection


Central Idea:

个() 人(rén) 的(de) 需() 要(yào) 和() 社(shè) 区() 有(yǒu) 联(lián) 系()。

Individual needs are connected to the community.  


Lines of Inquiry:


  •  社(shè)区(qū)里(lǐ)有(yǒu)哪(nǎ)些(xiē)组(zǔ)织(zhī)?
  • 社区里有银行
  • 社区里有饭店
  • 社区里有医院
  • 社区里有超市
  • 社区里有机场
  • 社区里有警察局




  • 社(shè)区(qū)里(lǐ)的(de)组(zǔ)织(zhī)和(hé)个(gè)人(rén)的(de)需(xū)要(yào)有(yǒu)哪(nǎ)些(xiē)联(lián)系(xì)?
  • 我生病了所以我去医院。
  • 我很饿了所以我去饭店。
  • 我要去英国所以我去机场去英国。
  • 我是很无聊所以我去电影院。
  • 我是很无聊所以我去公园。



Reflection of Learning:

我是一个善于交流的人因为我 talk a lot when I am in a group and I really try to talk as much as I can and give a lot of useful ideas。


Screenagers Documentary

Here is the LINK to the screenagers trailer

Yesterday the whole lower school and middle school watched a movie called Screenagers in the Auditorium. Screenagers is a documentary about how kids in some schools use cell phones way too much and it is also about how it affects the children. The school system about cell phones was different from our school because they could use their cell phones inside the school but in our school, we cannot. 

I think the screenagers movie was very interesting one of the things it taught me and that was that an average child spends around 6.5 hours a day



Personal Inquiry

Personal Inquiry

This week I started my personal inquiry, so what is a Personal Inquiry well an personal inquiry is a subject of your choice that you can start to study into. I chose evolution because I have always been interested in it but never known the real full picture. In a week and a half  our class will sum up all the reasearch we be making an infographic. So Iam really excited about that!

HWEO SA reflection

HWEO SA reflection

On Monday I  had a basement for Chinese and now I will reflect on it. Here is the link to it.

I have to do a star and a wish for how I did. I think that I would get a star for my voice projection because I think I projected my voice so that everyone could hear me. My wish is that I practised more on the script and I wish that I practised more and didn’t make such a big script.

Asbury Methodist Centre

Asbury Methodist Centre

Hi guys, last Friday I went on a field trip to the Asbury Methodist centre. I learned there about how bad conditions can be in hong kong and I actually met someone living in one of those small hoes
1. What is the most important furniture for you?
The most important pieces of furniture for me are: Couch, Bed, TV
2. What are the most important electrical appliances for you?
For me, they are: My iPhone, the family laptop, lights
3. Is it available to place all the above items in subdivided unit?
I think not because subdivided units are really small houses so If I put a bed and a couch in a tiny house, that would probably be all the space already taken up.
4. Imagine that if you live in the subdivided unit, how to make use of the
space to place those kinds of items? What is your tradeoff?
I would I would try to sepereate things as much as I can so everything is not crammed in one place. My trade mark would be I spend more money on a bigger aprtment.
5. What are the differences between your home and the subdivided unit?
The difference is my home has a lot more space to put different pieces of furniture inside.Normally on subdivided unit there are not a lot of doors maybe there might even be one door so that is a big difference.
6. How do you feel about this visiting experience?
I feel quite bad for the people living, I don’t know why but it’s rude when I say that.I most certainly hope that they will have a bigger apartment later on in their life.
7. What would you do to serve our community to be a better place?
I would give as much money or things I can to the people in the subdivided unit and I hope that that would help them to have abetter life.
Art: Peace Flag

Art: Peace Flag

In the past 6 lessons of art, we have been working peace flags. Peace flags are flags that in some way resemble the peace. We did this because on September 20 something it was international peace day. Although we went far past international peace day to make them it was still really fun.

To make the peace flags we needed to do tye dye and sew and all kinds of different things. Sometimes it was really hard to get all the different pieces together like with the peace symbols. It was also really annoying sometimes to cut the fabric because sometimes I could not cut the fabric correctly and it took up quite a lot of time just trying to cut!

I still had a lot of fun trying to make the peace flag and I was satisfied when I finished it.

Refugee Simulation

Today we simulated being a refugee in a refugee camp and the teachers were the guards it was definitely NOT very fun.

What process did you go through to produce this piece?

In the beginning we had to go through some passport admission thing were we had to write the people in our groups names why we left our country and so on, well our group was not really sure what we were supposed to write down because the instructions were in Greek! Once we got inside we had to start making bags to earn money to buy things!