Weekly Reflection

This post will be a lot shorter than my usual ones for the one reason that I don’t have enough time to do a  500-word blog post about how my week went in 25 mins I need at least 40 mins to do that! This week I have been progressing with my PYP Exhibition exponentially and just in case you are a newcomer to my blog, my purpose for the exhibition is major scientific discoveries to inspire other people to explore history.

You may not understand my purpose, let me break it down for you. What I am going to do is explore major scientific discoveries of the twentieth century and put the information I find on a slide sh0w but that is far from my final project. My final product will be a video about the scientific discoveries, you may be asking what is the point of the slide show if I am just going to be making a video and narrating as well, well it is actually my script, I prefer to use it to a google doc because it is a lot more organised and I can put each discovery in its own section. I also wrote an email to a teacher asking for help with my PYP exhibition but two weeks later I still have no reply which I personally think is a bit odd since they are an upper school teacher. I sent a second email to another teacher yesterday, I am hoping that they reply to the email, unlike the other upper school teacher that I sent an email to.

I hope you enjoyed reading this rather short blog post, once again I apologize for the inconvenience but I hope you don’t get to angry and once again see you next week.

Weekly Reflection

In this weekly reflection, I will be telling you about how I feel about a new subject that we have called swimming we also have this thing called learning cohorts where we discuss our exhibition and talk about research. I will first talk about swimming and then the learning cohorts, this blog post will be a little short.

There are some major things I really dislike about swimming one of these things is that the coach is very unfair for a few reasons the first one may be a little one but the second one I think actually matters. The first one is that she never lets us play games, I know you are thinking “harry that is really stupid you don’t even need to play games” but the things is that every other group gets to play them both the level above us and the two below us play games for a few minutes before the lesson ends, but no she never lets us have any fun! The second reason is that these two girls wanted to be in the same group because she was the only girl in the first sector of our group so the teacher moved a boy named Rian to the second sector despite him then being the only boy in that group and despite his protests, she doesn’t move him back I think that is a tad sexist. One last thing that I don’t like is that my coach always makes really stupid unnecessary changes such as my arm had to be behind my head when I turn to breathe instead of my head being on my arm.

Then we have learning cohorts I have mixed opinions on let me describe it to you, basically, they are these groups that we are loosely placed in and we share our exhibition with people who have “similar” subjects I think there should be a lot more cohorts then there are because science and technology is the group I am placed in and my thing has too with the history of scientific discoveries so no one has any relation to anyone else in my cohort so I think for me it is just a waste of time because why would I share research that no one has any need on. I also think that a lot of other people have this problem and if you want my personal I opinion I think there should be a history cohort because I think that quite a few people could share information on that and everyone would be happy. All in all, I like the learning cohorts I just think they are useless.

Thank you very much for reading my weekly reflection tell me your thoughts below and if you have any disagreements do the same but for now goodbye, I will hope that you read next weeks.

Speak like an Activist

This weeks blog post will be a little bit shorter than my usual ones for the main reason that there is not too much to say on the subject. We did a project (link will be at the bottom) on how to speak like an activist so we made a speech on a subject of our choice.

The only grow that I got was to make my speech shorter I agree with that but I think that if it is longer but better quality I should go for that and i did migration so it is quite difficult for me to squeeze that into two minutes but i tried my hardest and got 2:47.

Here is the speech.

Probability Reflection

Probability Reflection

This reflection will be quite different from the other ones you have read by me because it will be about math and I don’t think I have done one of these types of reflections. This time the structure will be done by something my teacher calls them thinking hats and the premise is that each hat has a question that I will have to answer. The questions are: “How do you feel about what or how you have learned? what are some of the best things about what/how you have learned? what were some of the challenges in this learning? what might you do differently of how could you improve your learning next time” and finally “ what have you learned about yourself as a learner during this time”.


Some of the challenges I have faced during this unit was when I was transferring one of the theoretical probabilities from fractions to percentages and I think it was 6/26 and I found that very difficult only today have I figured out it was 23 I initially thought it was 26 just as an estimate. Other than that I think doing the probability of something is pretty easy as long as you are given the right numbers preferably not in thousands because figuring that out will be a task hard than defending Brexit. I feel that what I have learned is really just revision because I have done a lot of these things before but some things that I am very happy I have learned is the difference between theoretical probability and experimental probability because if I hadn’t learned that I wouldn’t know what to do if I saw it on a test in later grades or something like that.


One of the best things I have learned is how to convert a fraction to a ratio or just convert one thing in maths to another because I think to make it easier for yourself that is definitely the way to go because you might get a better understanding of the question if you change it. I am also happy that I learned the difference between is the theoretical and experimental probability for reasons I stated earlier. If I could do something differently next time was to do more work on it at home because there were a few concepts I didn’t understand when my teacher first mentioned it.


Finally what I have learned about myself as a learner is that I pick up probability concepts very quickly because now it is extremely easy for me to do probability. I have also learned that probability is in general not the hardest subject and I hope to have I again because I am quite sure it will not be a very difficult subject at all.


Thank you very much for reading my reflection on probability I hope you enjoyed it and will come to read my blog post again but for now, I hope you have a good day and enjoyed reading my post!!!!!

Weekly Reflection

Weekly Reflection

This week I learned quite a few things, for example, I learned about lives for Syrian refugees I also learned about theoretical and experimental probability. This week’s weekly reflection will be structured quite a lot differently, it will be structured in 3 sections first is “This week I learned…” then “In the future, I will use this learning by…” and finally “Next week I will…”.

Going more in-depth with what I said, in the beginning, I think that the lives of the Syrian refugees are quite awful because they have a very poor living condition because they live in tents and when there are floods the tents might even sink or the tent might overflow with water. Then slowly but surely all of the refugee family’s started moving out of the tents and into caravans where they sleep and the 2 first caravans were donated by students which really proves that you are never too small to make a difference. I learned about experimental probability by playing a game in which our teacher lets us pick 1 suit and if we pick the suit we get some free time and if we don’t we have to give him cookies and in the end, we had realized it was an unfair game because he had a 75% chance of getting a cookie and we had a 25% chance of getting free time but that is theoretical probability and in the experiment we were actually much luckier and we only had 33% percent difference instead of the massive 75% difference we were expecting. I think that this week I learned that you are never too small to make a difference.


In the future, I will use this learning to my advantage in a card game or a dice game I could theoretically be getting a 50% chance of winning but actually get a 75% win ratio and completely obliterate the competition. I could also use my knowledge about Syrian refugees to help them to get them the homes they deserve not the bare minimum that they actually get. I could support a charity or maybe even go visit them in Jordan that would be quite scary though because of some of them having major trauma from Syria or if they have a serious injury it is scary thinking of what they have to go through and that even children are being forced to go through every day.


Next week I think I will play with my mum and do the game that the teacher did with us because then I can see if she even notices that it is unfair or not. I hope that she will not read this before we play the card game! I will also try to help support the Syrian refugees and help them get a better home instead of having to live in a caravan.


Thank you for reading this blog post reader I really enjoy making them leave a reply if you also enjoy reading them, ok thank you and goodbye!


Young Americans

This week we did Young Americans, you probably don’t know what that is let me explain it to you. Young Americans is a group of well, Young Americans that come to our school to teach us how to sing and dance. They do this for three days and on Friday we have to perform everything we learned into one big performance where our teachers and our parents come to watch. Most people say they love it my opinion is a little bit different.

On the first day, I was the most doubtful I have ever been because I don’t like singing or dancing and then when I saw them perform what was going to be our beginning dance I was completely blown away it was insane to even imagine us doing that but on Friday we did  I am not sure how we looked but I hope it was somewhat similar to what they did. Then the thing I had been dreading most came up, Quarrel Singing. Which is basically singing in a group, the reason I didn’t like singing is that I figuratively cannot do it, I am really bad at it. Once a Young American told me “If you can speak you can sing” to this I replied “I guess I can’t talk then”, that is how much I dread singing. One thing that I was really happy about was me getting a solo because then I would be in the middle of the spotlight doing the thing I dread the most. It was very good that we sang in groups so that it would wash away my voice with other peoples louder voices.

On the second day, we had some activities that weren’t too bad, they had improvisation which I didn’t mind because I enjoy acting and then we had songwriting. In songwriting, our group and I came up with the most random song this is how it went “Jimmy and Timmy were walking one day, looking for some fresh grown hay. A moose came along to save the day he said: “Hey Llamas I will help you find the hay”. They travelled til May til they found it one day and they said: “yay hooray we found the hay” X3″.

On Friday the show day, we performed everything we learned and there were multiple sections/medleys of the performance one was the creative medley another was the disco medley then came the sports medley the lion king medley (the most complicated one) and then the ending medley and we performed it as well as we could and in the end I am proud of the people that did it and the Young Americans that taught it to us.

Final Weekly Reflection Of 2018

Final Weekly Reflection Of 2018

This week’s weekly reflection will be structured a little bit differently to how most of the people who read my reflections are. It will be structured in the format of the key concepts, what I mean when I say this each paragraph will have something to do with the key concepts. I will be telling you what key concept I will use for each paragraph when it starts.

Change is the key concept I will be using in the first in the first paragraph because I changed when I realized what my lines of inquiry are for the exhibition because now I know a key part of my exhibition plan because I know exactly what I will be researching so I have a full-fledged plan on what I am going to do for my exhibition, I finally can start researching my exhibition.


The form key concept is the one I chose for my second paragraph and that is because I would like to tell you what it is like having to have finished everything you need to finish on time and in one week. It is literally like a 100-ton crate being lifted off of my back, it is so comforting not having to worry about all the things that I would normally worry about. Like the exhibition, I am not too worried about not completing it now because I have already done three-quarters of the process of making my exhibition happen.


Camp Reflection

Camp Reflection

Last week we had camp and I have quite an opinion on it, I generally don’t like camp and this is no different although there were a few ups in that 4 days of downs. First I will tell you all the downs and then I will tell you about the ups. Finally, I will tell you about all the things I think that the camp could have improved on, now for the downs.


There have been a lot of downs but the main one is definitely that it was raining super heavily on the first night. This wasn’t just your stereotypical heavy rain but I mean that it was actually pouring it was like the clouds were spraying a hose down on us. The counsellors said that we had a choice of sleeping in the main hall (Length: 50 metres, Width: 17 metres) or tents, (2 metres by 2 metres) the decision my group made was the worst one I have ever made! We decided to sleep in the main hall but the thing was it was split in half because of the girls and boys having to be split up. This made the sleeping area tiny and even worse we had to sleep on a big mat (10 metres by 3 metres) and now we were actually squished at this point I thought nothing could go wrong because I have already hit rock bottom, I was very wrong. In the when I was trying to sleep there was someone who kept on kicking me and this went on for around thirty more minutes until I told him to stop and to make matters worse someone started snoring super loudly in the middle of the night. The next day we had to go on a long hike and it was for around 6 hours it was around the most boring thing I have done in a long in a very long time. Finally, the 3rd worst thing I had to do was kayaking and I know it is meant to be really fun but I was in a Kayak with someone who is super weak and barely affected our speed and then the final person just didn’t do anything and sat there.


The 2 things I enjoyed were named “The Tunnel” and the second one, I am sure that you know this it is called s’mores. The s’mores had a few more ups and downs and so I will share about that first, basically, there was another group in our campsite that also trying to have some s’more and we had a race to see who got it first. When we saw smoke coming from their fireplace we knew that we had lost but we didn’t stop trying and after around 30-45 mins we got a fire and when we did we kept blowing air on it so that it would rise up, when we did that we had a majestic fire and when we had the s’mores they tasted so delicious that I almost started fainting right then and there. The other group realized what we had created and decided that they wanted to have a piece so they came over and almost destroyed our fire while trying to roast their marshmallows and it got really annoying because when they had a fire they kicked us out so we did the same to them which I am happy about. Now I will tell you about the tunnel well it is a tunnel and it goes for around 25 metres until you come out the other side of a hill. It looks so fun but there was two claustrophobic and one of them did it which is good, I was really excited to do it and when I did, I had mixed feelings about it because I thought that you would slide down but you had to shuffle down and it was just a big let down.


I think one thing that the camp could have done was to see what food they have and recommend the food that we enjoyed so then there would be less of a waste of food and I think that would be the smartest option rather than to have people not eat food and just waste it. I also think that we could have gone at a faster pace then we did on the hike I think that might be the reason it took around 4 hours to hike only 3 kilometres, I did that in only thirty minutes I also found it irritating that we had to orienteer so that and that we couldn’t just go on the hike, I think it was probably on purpose that it took so long. I don’t understand why I would need to learn to orienteer because when will I be lost and have a compass and map? See I just think that it is absolutely pointless I really just think that we could have done it a lot more quickly with a lot less effort!


Thank you for reading my camp reflection I hope you enjoyed it and now see that camp isn’t always the beautiful place that teachers and others alike paint it out to be. It is instead a place where one or two good things come out of it but the rest is unneeded and indeed useless and very boring.

Weekly Reflection

Weekly Reflection

Weekly Reflection

This week has been quite chaotic, we have had lots of different things happen to us including the Trade Game which I have really enjoyed but the item you saw in the picture above is math and I will be telling, what it is, what I learned and how I will use it.


Well as I am sure you saw it is equations and it is from a slideshow that our teacher shows us at the beginning of the week and we have to answer all the questions in it. Some of the questions lead to another slideshow and we have to answer the questions on that one, the main thing the questions were about was decimal adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. I learned how to add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals because before I wasn’t so good on the multiplying and dividing part, but now I feel like I could do it in an instance maybe even teach someone it. I can use this in the future if I ever go to the shop and there are cents on the item that I am getting multiple of I can multiply it to see how much cash I have to pay or if I am getting lots of different things with different costs I can add them all up to see if I have enough money to purchase all the items I would like.


Now we start talking about the trade game! The trade game is a game where you have 3 goals, 1 is to build the tower of unifix cubes and you can get unifix cubes by trading KitKats, another is to create an informational poster about report writing and the final one is to clean your tray and your locker. There is a hierarchy where 1-5 only have 4 cubes but 6-10 have 7 and Jack and Queen have 10 cubes and the king has 15 cubes. Right of the bat, my card was not too lucky and I got a 7 but I determined to make myself the highest in our class and I had a plan. My plan was that since we only have 30 minutes of computer time I do my poster at home so then I can sell my computer time for more cubes. Right on the first day, I increased my net worth by 5 cubes, the way I got these cubes was because I told people that I would do things for them and they gave me 2-3 unifix cubes each. That same day I realized there was a group of girls who had made a group to combine their cubes and I realized that this would be an imminent threat to me winning, but you know the old saying “if you can’t beat them join them” and that is exactly what I did.


When I joined them I had a warm welcome since I had given them 12 cubes and that I was an excellent persuader, the next day I realized I had to do something to get my groups cubes up so when we had the period “trade game” it was my time to shine so I immediately sought out trying to get as many cubes as possible so I decided to trade all my computer time for 3 cubes and then I had an epiphany, food doesn’t matter so I sold every last one of my KitKats and I told my group to do the same so now we had an amount of 40 cubes some people realized that we were gaining a monopoly on the food market so more people started joining especially important ones so by the end of that day we had around 60 cubes and I had a net worth of 18 by Wednesday I realized I wasn’t going to have enough time to finish my poster so for two periods I had the amount of twenty  cubes and a well-made poster That same day the king decided to join forces with us because by then everyone about the number of cubes we had accumulated so we had 87 cubes and rising. Then the second last day we could trade was one of m least successful ones and it is also the day where my past came and decided to bite me in the back. On Thursday I had to do my part in the deal with my friend and I really didn’t want to so I decided to make a contract that stated that I could do as much of his poster that I wanted and he had to give me 1 unifix cube as interest. I knew he would deny this offer so I may have forged his signature, his friend realised and reported me to the Government (the teacher) I was going to be fined and maybe all my cubes took away from me so I decided that I would give back the 1 cube interest and since he is a nice guy he agreed and I got with nearly no cubes taken away.


Also on Wednesday, I heard that my group was going to split all the cubes individually and I thought to myself then none of us would win so I decided to go up to my group and I said “I have a plan, we are going to give one person in our group 20-30 cubes and they will win and then our entire group will share the reward”. That is what we are doing now and I hope that we will win because I have put quite a lot of effort put into this game. There is only one thing that I can’t believe and that is that I started with 7 cubes and have grown my net worth by 13 cubes, that is the largest growth in net worth I have seen in this classroom even if I don’t win I will still be proud of myself. I think that this could help me learn the past because this has a lot to do with economics and it can also help we understand that other people have also committed the crime of fraud and have been corrupt and things like that so this has been very historically and economically helpful. I hope you enjoyed reading this very long weekly reflection and also hope that you hope that I win. Thank you for reading.