My goals

Today am going to explain what I am so grateful for, what I enjoyed the most this week and what was challenging this week   I am so grateful for having a home, a school, a family, a school, and a life. The thing I enjoyed the most this week was playing rugby in the rain and having an extra day of after easter break was really over but we still had an extra day off. weep pee! The thing that was challenging this week was today Friday after S.L.L.R. ( student led learning review ). We had classroom meeting and we have sunshine spreading which shares what you appreciate this week then promblem solving which solves promblems and most of us were talking or laughting at the time some the teacher wanted to send an email.

My personal goals are to eat less

MY learning goals are to do my kumon I the time limit

MY relationship goals is to spend more time with my mom

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