Light painting

Light painting – what is it?

Light painting is a photograph.  People use lights to create shapes and patterns to form a piece of art using a camera.

How to do it?

In a dark environment, use a camera to capture the lights. You can do it by making movements such as dancing, walking, etc.

What do I think about my group?

I thought that we did a poor job at the beginning because we didn’t make much progress for the first two meetings. We couldn’t agree on our ideas. After that, we made a lot of progress. By week four we had completed the storyboard.

Our dance is a combination of hopping, waving and free dancing.

I think we did great as we did it very quickly in half of our time.




My goals

Today am going to explain what I am so grateful for, what I enjoyed the most this week and what was challenging this week   I am so grateful for having a home, a school, a family, a school, and a life. The thing I enjoyed the most this week was playing rugby in the rain and having an extra day of after easter break was really over but we still had an extra day off. weep pee! The thing that was challenging this week was today Friday after S.L.L.R. ( student led learning review ). We had classroom meeting and we have sunshine spreading which shares what you appreciate this week then promblem solving which solves promblems and most of us were talking or laughting at the time some the teacher wanted to send an email.

My personal goals are to eat less

MY learning goals are to do my kumon I the time limit

MY relationship goals is to spend more time with my mom

Grade 4 camp

I really liked camp and I thought that I did great camp and thought that I helped a lot of people to be a risk taker stay calm  and not feel homesick and I also thought that I built more new relationships and I’m proud of helping others and supporting others and trying my best to not get sick. I enjoyed having more time with my friends and have no homework, also I enjoyed

My goals

So there three types of goals, there are learning goals, personal goals, and relationship goals. So my learning goal last week was to try to learn how can I make a good persuasive writing piece, my personal goal is to exercise more and my relationship goal is to have more fun with my friends.and I thought that all of the goals were great and they were new goals are to learn how to cooperate a little bit more at camp and help other at camp too and I want to spend more time with my family.

Working with Plastic Free Seas

Today, Plastic Free Seas went to school and talk about Microbeads they tell about facial products  and how many microbeads are their in a few products and they made us do an experiment with 10g of soap and see how much of soap is there. they also brang some  Plankton and dead small fish to see. some of these have a lot of microbeads like Gastby , I was superzied to  see that many. It was a great expriece  ,I hope i can do that again.

Thanks a lot

Persuasive Argument filming

Today me, Tayne, Calvin and D.Y. made a movie about gaming is good for learning. We did it because we had to make a persuasive argument our teacher assigned us to make a role play about it. We did it by Dividing roles, then we had to think about of a few arguments were going to use, finally, we made the movie. I thought it was very funny, exciting, but I thought that one of our team members could improve helping us. I really wish he could improve, but still it was a wonderful experience and I wish we could do more in the future. It was great I wish we had more time.unnamed