About Chihuahua

This week I and have to write a blog post about whatever I wanted to. So I researched about chopsticks but it didn’t work because there wasn’t enough information on it. So then I had to think again, while I was thinking, my dog which is a chihuahua started to bite me. It gave an idea to research about the chihuahua.
The following content will cover:
1. Where did the chihuahua come from?
2. Who discovered the chihuahua?
3. Why is it called the chihuahua?
4. When was the chihuahua found?
5. What was a chihuahua’s purpose?
There a few theories about where did the chihuahua come from. One of these theories is that chihuahuas are descendent of a dog called Techichi and another dog which is unknown. But it was first used by the Mayas, then by the Toltecs and finally the Aztecs. But it may also be a descendant of another dog called the Xolo.
It is still uncertain who found the chihuahua but it would be either the Mayas or the Teltec because both of them lived at around the same time period.

The reason why a chihuahua is called a chihuahua is that it is named after the state in Mexico called Chihuahua. The first chihuahua was found in 1800’s but there is also a rumor saying that chihuahuas were discovered around 1800 BC-1150 AD.
A long time ago, the chihuahua’s purpose was to act as gods of the afterlife, using them in ceremonies and as a source of food. They would often be sacrificed, mummified and buried alongside their owners, believing their canine companions would join them in the afterlife.
Fun facts:

1. In 1904 the first chihuahua was registered with the AKC

2. There was a group called the Chihuahua Club of America (CCA) in 1923.

3. There is a Mexican state called Chihuahua.

4. In the 1980s,  about 25,000 chihuahuas were registered with the AKC.
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Recipes for an amazing class

So far in these past few weeks were the most having the most troublesome because of Ms. Uhlir had a heart attack twice: one in February and another at the end of March.How did we sometimes get into arguments and my classmates being rude as well? During that time, in the beginning, my class and I were perfectly fine until one day, by occasion Ryan wanted to make a gunpowder for his own slide’s background and then all of everyone in our class’s slides background turn into the photo that disappeared. So then Jeffery tried to fix it but didn’t help and made it even more complicated, then randomly Alexa started to say bad things about Jeffery. So some others determined to join Alexa so then Jeffery started to get frustrated and then started to flip out and left. Also, Joe tried to fix it but the exact same thing happened to him. So then they started to pick on them and this how we ended up here.

These are how our class would be a course that would be so good that even Jamie Oliver would like a lot. As the appetizer which is soup would be cooperating, being respectful, And no arguments or complaining. Our Main course would be focusing on your work, being Kind, caring and being helpful, finally, dessert which is only one thing safety.



How We Organise Ourselves Reflection

A few weeks ago we started a unit called How We Organise Ourselves and the central idea was being organised empowers us to take action more effectively. Organization’s form empowers it to function more effectively because they are organised enough that they know their roles and responsibilities and can function really well. Which makes they know the structure of the organisation that their working in.

For example, the Twopresents purpose was to teach kids how to live greener and more responsible lives also to ensure the next generation learns the importance of giving back to the community.They work with students and volunteers to create a card or some printable toys. So we did we worked with them and did those things I was the leader and I was working on a board game with DY which was the person in charge of the IT and completed it also we completed and made a card for The Hub a charity.

I think the type of gifts I have are:

  1. a being a good listener which is being one of those people who help their friends during rough times
  2. a physical strength which is to stick up for other people who are being bullied without violence
  3. A good speaker which is running for student council and create a positive change.
  4. Outgoing which is reaching out to the new students etc.

And the types of leaders think I am are reasoner which are:

1.Reasoner A.K.A [details] person which is having good at organization skills have good logic, math skills etc.

  1. Also bridge builders A.K.A Unifying person who has compassion, Communication skills, listening skills, etc.

Here are some photos about TwoPresent’s workshop thing :


My trip to Asbury Methodist Service Center

  Last Friday I and my class and a few other classes went to the new Asbury Methodist Social service center in Tsuen Wan and help buy groceries, and we also we meet the families and homes.


    First, we split up into groups. When we arrived, they had quizzes for us, about caged homes and we could answer a lot correctly because we read and we used a lot of time or about two to three hours correctly looking at it and slowly de-jotting and make the keynotes written down. Then we talk about the mission of the group which was to spread awareness about the caged homes and sub-divided flats and help the people who are in need of materials or resources, also money.  Then we got to meet a guest speaker who lives in a subdivided industrial. Which was illegal in Hong Kong. Then we went to buy mandarins for 20 dollars we also bought two rolls of toilet paper, two broccoli, and a set of bell peppers.                                                                                                                                                                                     

                   Finally, we went to visit a family who had a really small home with one four years boy old, one two-year-old girl and a mother, and a father who is a construction worker. It felt sorry because all of us could have very little space and the father has to climb the bed to go to his bed. I also felt sorry because I saw the four-year-old playing with a wash detergent bottle as a toy and the girl had nothing to play with expect three stuff toys. I also felt they were lucky because they had enough money to have a home with a washing machine, fridge, a big bathroom for a small sub-divided flat. But I think they still live in a very bad condition because it stinks and they have to dry there close outside and when you go on the staircase it looks like it’s broken and the small flat costs $ 4,500 for rent per a month.Also, the building is very old.

                         I felt that was a very mixed emotions trip and a very different way of explaining what is really happening in the real world.


Peace day project

On the week before peace day, we started a project and we created a peace flag.Before we had to draw out a small plan and then we finally made a final draft in two weeks because we only had one art lesson for one hour and twenty minutes per a week. Then we could finally start and we first off used the tie-dye to make the base of the flag then we started to split up and got my resources to make the smiley face, heart, the peace symbol and the Ying-yang symbol too.I would rate my self an 8 out of ten for looking overall but 10 out of 10 because of effort, and I also use my hands and the sewing machine to sew my pieces.


Last week, we went camping and today I’m going to talk about the best things in camp and worst things that happened in camp last week.

Last week I went camping in Tai Tam Scouts Center. When we arrived we put down our camping bags and got introduced to our groups and did’s some activities and my favourite activity was an activity where we have to separate in to two groups and we had two people be blindfolded and try to hit the opponents while two can’t talk people can use sign language and while one or two people are facing the other way and trying to tell the message to the people who are blindfolded and the worst thing we did was sleeping in tents because was extremely hot and we could barely sleep.

The next day went to do some orienteering which was boring cause I already went there before but we also did some survival skills like learning how to prepare a fire for using flint and steel and we also did some raft building and we built a raft with a lot of string 5 bamboo stick and 5 tires and the raft had to be able to move to a checkpoint and comeback without the raft breaking. My favorite activity that day was kayaking because we got to do my favorite water sport after clamming. what is clamming? Clamming is a water sport where you go digging for clamming with your feet.

Finally, the last day where we did the star challenge which is we have to do different challenges as a team for half a day and we finally went back to school

And here are some photos